Long term marketing options - Your best?

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You've probably noticed that there are few, if any, ways to market your site that you can expect to work for a good length of time. In other words, you do one method and get some results from it, but if you don't redo that effort, your site will disappear again.

I've heard that article marketing is one of the best ways to focus your efforts for long-term results. As long as people keep picking up your articles for their sites, you can get ongoing benefits indefinitely.

Directory listings is another option, but I question how effective it really is (except the biggies, of course - Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). Smaller directories come and go, your links get removed and in many cases, never even make it into the directory.

There are 3 questions to this:

1) What methods do you use that do not require constant weekly or monthly attention for them to continue to work?

2) How often do you have to repeat this method for it to keep working?

3) Which methods have been most effective for you (boosted traffic, sales, sign-ups, etc.)? Please specify which benefit you received.


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    Hi Sylvia,

    Beside article marketing, I think video marketing and social bookmarking sites are good choices too.

    They are self-renewed in the sense lets say for social bookmarking sites, you post or site get favored by many users. It gets visits again and again.

    Likewise for video submission sites.

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      Thanks John,

      Video marketing is on my list, too, because it has gained tremendous popularity lately. YouTube videos end up on CNN all the time. You can't get better exposure than that. LOL!

      Of course, the more entertaining you can make the videos, the more popular they will be and the more success you will have. I think video marketing is one of the top favorites today.


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