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I have fallen prey to so many scammers online. Please can someone help me put a stop to it? Right now, I'm looking for a tested and trusted site I can my money and get paid 60 to 80% above on monthly basis. Please I need your comments
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    Where I can invest and get returns. I'd really appreciate it
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    Not sure what you mean by scammers, but we can't help you put a stop to it. You just have to be a little bit more selective as to what you spend your money on. We all have our recommendations here for products/services that have worked well for us. But if you buy a program, software, coaching and then do nothing to implement are you calling that a scam? Be more specific and let us know what your goals are. There are plently of places that offer 60-80% commission but that doesn't mean you will make any money.
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    Please sir, I'm lost here on the internet. I have some money that I wish to invest online, no ref, and be given a monthly commision of say...60% plus. I'd be grateful. And also you guide me on the fastest way of getting paid here that I can follow while I pursue my training. Thanks in advance
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    Dear making money online is not that simple. Please do not think that internet money is easy money, it is hard to earn. But good thing is if you do the right effort in right direction it pays off well.

    If you are thinking of doing it half hearted then don't waste your time and focus on what you are doing first.

    Making money online require good amount of patience
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    I had my first success with Adsense. There are meny developers who will make a site for you and optimize it to run on autopilot. I use technical website, Teo is the developer and 100% legit. It requires basically no work. Anyway, I make the kind of returns you are looking for. Hope this helps!

    Bringing others with me on the way to the top!

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      A mentor is the best way forward to success online
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    I agree with you. Making money online is not easy as the others say. It depends on time and commitment. But if you learn how to do it from guru, you will see the result in short term.
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    You need to let us in on some details... It all depends on what you want. If I say, "I want a CAR" I should specify if it's an SUV, a truck etc.


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