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Hey guys,

I just completed my first book via Kindle Direct Publishing (not going to promote it here) and wanted to give back to the forum. There's a lot of information about publishing to Kindle, but nothing really easy, quick, and step-by-step. So here goes:

First Things First:

You need to create good and compelling content. It doesn't have to be the next best seller, but it can't be re-hashed PLR. Amazon is really cracking down on this and will review your book prior to publishing and also while its published.

It's not that hard to create good content that people will want to buy. This tutorial is geared toward creating very simple books with one specific topic.

Okay quick step-by-step:

I used Microsoft Word for the book. I am sure you could use Openoffice, or another word processor, but I didn't so keep that in mind.

You don't need to buy expensive templates. When I first started I was looking around for templates to use and holy hell are they expensive as WSOs.

Quick template

In Microsoft Word 2007+, there is a style called "Manuscript". It's perfect for writing these books. There's your template.

Cover for your book

Go to Search for "Ebook covers", and then sort by ranking. Make sure that you have a title (do some keyword research), subtitle, your name, and that you tell them to make it a 2D flat cover. Kindle is not the place for a 3D ebook cover.

Oh, and VERY Important: make sure that you give the ebook cover provider an image THAT YOU CHOOSE. When I had them pick a "royalty free" picture on their own they picked an image that needed all sorts of license requirements. The last thing you need is to get sued.

You can find a list of public domain image resources here: Wikipediaublic domain image resources - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Copyright page

Pretty important page if you don't want people stealing and reselling your stuff. Here is a goof resource: Copyright Page Samples You Can Copy and Paste Into Your Book

Keep in mind that you don't have to put everything he has on that page. Just make sure that you explicitly state your copyright and what people can and can't do.

Table of Contents

I used the Modern Style table of contents in Word and took the page numbers off (pages differ according to device). Make sure that you are using Header styles in your document or else your chapters won't show up.

Content (How much?)

Keep it simple. The purpose of my books are to solve one problem and to create avenues to my business (whether blog or content).

5000 words is plenty for a quick book that you can sell for $.99. Not much, I know, but you get the Amazon behemoth promoting your book, it's a low entry price point (but not free), and an opportunity to make money on the backend.

You can put in links (although they may be cracking down on affiliate links, but as long as the content is good then you are fine I think), so don't be shy to promote yourself.

I also put several call-to-action links that direct the reader to my email opt-in and products. I even offer a free gift for signing up. Be smart about it though. Don't be overly salesy.

5000 words is perfect.

Get it edited

You can pay a proofreader on Fiverr, but I just had a friend edit it. They liked the book anyway and I got free editing. You can also entice them by saying that you'll put their name down as the editor (which is easy to do in Kindle Direct Publishing)

Finished Product

Save your Word document as a .DOC file (important), and upload it to KDP. Fill out all of the information about your book, author, etc. Upload your cover image. You can preview what your book will look like on all devices.

Next, you'll choose the price and royalty, and where you want it distributed. Like I said before, I want it read as much as possible so I choose the 35% at $.99 and I distribute it all over the world.

This may not be right for you. Like I said, my goal is to make money on the back end

That's it.

Nothing fancy, just quick and painless. Either way, it's a good way to at least get your feet wet with self-publishing.

Hope this helped!

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  • Profile picture of the author MartinBuckley

    Awsome, thanks for sharing.

    I'm going to be starting to sell me ebooks on kindle soon and reading your post was a help, so thanks again.

    All the best,

    • Profile picture of the author DeanSoto
      Originally Posted by MartinBuckley View Post


      Awsome, thanks for sharing.

      I'm going to be starting to sell me ebooks on kindle soon and reading your post was a help, so thanks again.

      All the best,

      No problem. Glad it helped!
  • Profile picture of the author Steve Foulds
    Cheers mate - sending my book over now!
    • Profile picture of the author brit16
      Thanks for the idea. I just got finished writing my first ebook. It is being used as a freebie to get people to opt-in to my site. Would it be ok to also sell it the way you mentioned, even though it is available for free on my site? Thanks!!
  • Profile picture of the author travlinguy
    Really good stuff with only one exception. You wouldn't find me going anywhere near fiverr for proofreading services.
  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    Excellent info. I need to come up with a new Kindle book soon.
  • Profile picture of the author Chris Chicas
    Thanks for the good info.

    What really would be a kick ass guide would be a book that actually show you the many different ways but which you can get your book to not only rank high but get you sales. I know this is a tall order but I know a few secrets on how to go about this.

    I bought an excellent guide by Bill Platt recently with some pretty good info on the Kindle process.

    One important thing that I can share about publishing a book is that you have to do it because you are passionate about it. I"m sorry, but I just can't be successful in something where I'm just doing it for the money or from a marketing perspective (ahem, PLR content?). Pick a niche you love, if you excel at bringing top value, that niche will love you back.
  • Profile picture of the author ratracegrad
    This is some great information. I want to add some other information from my experience.

    You can also get very good quality book cover designs at Wordpress Header - Blog Header - Web Headers - Custom Designs - Website Banner. They charge only $11 and you get 2 proofs and you choose the one that you like.

    If you use fiverr, designerhash did an incredibly great job on a cover for me. The design by nataliepink was not good and I never used it.

    You can also sign up for a free account with which is the print version of your book as compared to the Kindle version. They have formatted templates for different book sizes. These templates are in MS Word format. You can use them to format your book to upload to Kindle. if you are ever thinking of releasing your book in both Kindle and print format then i recommend using the templates because then you have to format your book only once for both platforms.

    Also you might want to consider whether or not you want your Kindle book to be available in the "library sharing" feature they now have with the Kindle. People can check books out for a period to read without having to buy them.

    Hope this helps.

  • Profile picture of the author robyna
    Also, for those wondering, you get a $. 35 profit for a $ .99 report. It seems low but I think you could easily make up for it in volume if you have a hot topic.
  • Profile picture of the author stuff2
    WOW!Thanks for sharing some great tips.
    Evey little bit will help me out. Really like the one about ebook covers.
  • Profile picture of the author Bewley
    Originally Posted by londonwarrior View Post

    It's also a good idea to get some reviews. There are lots of people on fivver who will write reviews, but I used this woman. She wrote a review for two of my books. I will write 2 POSITIVE Amazon Kindle Reviews that will motivate people to buy your book for $5 on
    The fact that you would pay for positive reviews, regardless of whether you published garbage, speaks volumes about your integrity as a marketer and a person. Duplicity marketing - way to go!
  • Profile picture of the author kevinw1
    Amazon price-matches, so if you are giving away your book for free elsewhere, they may find it and make your book free on Amazon.

    You can also not enroll the book in KDP Seelct (which has some real advantages) if it's available for download anywhere else, free or paid.

    Kudos to the OP for his super-simple upload-as-a-word-doc method. I've been doing it that way too and it's far easier than going through all the unnecessary conversion steps that every Kindle how-to product and Amazon's own instructions tell you you need to do. You can still include a linked Table of COntents, bulleted lists, tables, and graphics.
  • Profile picture of the author robyne
    What margins are you guys using with your templates?
  • Profile picture of the author colinph970
    Personally i wouldn't use Word as the format to upload to Kindle. You can get away with it but it screws things up too many times for my liking.
    • Profile picture of the author Paul Gram
      Originally Posted by colinph970 View Post

      Personally i wouldn't use Word as the format to upload to Kindle. You can get away with it but it screws things up too many times for my liking.
      I have to totally disagree with you based on experience. If used correctly, Word is the absolute best thing to use for Kindle formatting. We have had hundreds of books done with Word and they come out perfect.

      Other than writing your own HTML, Word is the only program I have ever seen where you can format your book perfectly without using any other programs and upload directly from a Word file to the Kindle with no extra steps.
  • Profile picture of the author JennyBizz
    I use Open Office and then save my book in a .doc file. Before I save it, I manually insert a page break at the end of every page. This saves a TON of heartache when it comes to making the book look good. So far, this has worked very well for me.
  • Profile picture of the author Gaston Wolf
    Awesome guide, i'd love to get started with kindle books
  • Profile picture of the author planetlubs
    Thanks Dean.

    That is some really good info for people who want to start making money with Kindle publishing.

    For the images, you are right, sometimes letting the cover designers on fiver chose images for you can land you into problems. So always chose your own images. In addition to what you have given as a source for images, let me add some more places where you can find free images: (Though it is better to buy at places like dreamstime, fotolia and others).

    Some of the best places to find free stock images:
    1. Everystockphoto
    This site describes itself as a “license-specific photo search engine.” It searches many of the popular free stock photo sources and allows you restrict results based on a variety of parameters, including account requirement, shape, resolution, and license.
    2. Flickr’s Creative Commons Search
    Here you can find high-quality free photos. Search through the Creative Commons section or use the advanced search feature to specify a search within the Creative Commons-licensed content, plus you can identify whether you’re looking for content that can be edited or used commercially.
    3. Stock.xchng
    Here you will be able to find photos with licensing that doesn’t require attribution. However, you’ve got to watch out for the much higher quality, payment-requiring iStockphoto thumbnails that get posted alongside the free stock.xchng results.
    4. 123rf
    If you’re just looking for something small, stock photography site 123rf offers many of its small-sized (think 400px at the longest side) images for free. Just search their free images section, found under the Stock Photography header on the home page

    5. Google Creative Commons Image Search
    Google is mightier and every where. So even in images, they have a tool that can allow you to search for images based on keyword. Within their existing image search, Google added a usage rights parameter to their advanced image search. Here, you can specify whether the image should carry a license that allows reuse, commercial use, and/or modification.

    I hope my addition helps you. Now go out and write your first, second and many more kindle books. Success
  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    You're right. Amazon is really cracking down on PLR, and the blueprint that you laid out here is something that alot of people (including myself) can use. Thanks for the step-by-step tutorial.
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    Awsome infos here .

    Tnx for sharing and good luck with your sales

  • Profile picture of the author ivanadee
    Good share.
    I am currently thinking about ebook creation and anyway, KDP seemed to be cool to be used

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