freelancers being watched by big brother

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I came across this story here

I found it disturbing to know that if I work through a freelance site that I may have to schedule a bathroom break.

I can understand the need to make sure that a client gets what they pay for
but to take screenshots , keylogging, count keystrokes and get phone calls often enough to make sure you cant leave your desk/home office seems a bit extreme to me.

Most freelancer work at home to be able to have a more flexible schedule, not to turn your home into another cubicle.

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    Yikes...I wouldn't pass the "Child background noise" test, lol
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      Originally Posted by Jenn Dize View Post

      Yikes...I wouldn't pass the "Child background noise" test, lol
      LOL! I'm right there with you, Jenn My three year old makes it virtually impossible to talk to anyone for very long... luckily, most of my clients have little ones, so they're very understanding.

      Isn't the entire reason for becoming a freelancer is to break away from the stress and politics of the office? I know one thing for certain - the first time a client asked me how many washroom breaks I took while working on their project... would definitely be the last!
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    That's why I am so appreciative of freelancing from my office on my own time schedule. I am a pretty hard taskmaster on myself though.
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    Corporate office cubicle > house working in this case then. What the hell.
    Freelancers should be given the freedom to work in a project-oriented manner without these kind of unnecessary pressure to keep their productivity in optimum level. The concept of being a freelancing isn't just about the location that a person is working, but also minding the comfort and flexibility of work schedule on freelancer's part.
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    When I've hired freelancers and when I freelanced myself, I always paid or got paid for the job when it was finished. I would not pay by the hour, nor would I work by the hour. My time is my time and I only charged for a completed product.

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