This reduces refunds AND gets you testimonials like CRAZY!!!

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Hey guys... here is a little system I've been using in several niches that is working like crazy to reduce refunds, generate killer testimonials, AND create long-term customers.

I recommend you implement it just like this:

1. In your first "thank you" email autoresponder message, after someone purchases your product, let them know that over the next handful of weeks you'll be sending them a series of unadvertised bonuses. Then, let them know the first one will be coming in about 7 days.

2. 7 days later send them an email with the first of 3 unadvertised bonuses. Make sure all of your unadvertised bonuses are quality stuff. Stuff you'd feel good selling on their own. At the bottom of this email let them know that in about 2 weeks you'll be sending them their second unadvertised. Give them a little teaser of what they're going get.

3. 12 days later send them an email with the second of the 3 unadvertised bonuses. Again, at the bottom of the email let them know that in another 2 weeks you'll be sending them their third and final unadvertised bonus. Give them a little teaser and make sure they know that the final bonus is the best and most valuable of all three (make sure it is).

4. 14 days later (now a total of about 32 days after their purchase - and brining them beyond a 30-day guarantee period) send them an email with their final unadvertised bonus. In the email, give them a tease again of what they're going to get, then ask them to take 60-seconds to fill out a little survey to grab the third bonus.

Then, send them to a webpage with a few testimonial-generating questions (i.e. "how has X product helped you over the last month", "how much money has X product made you since buying it", "what would you say to someone thinking of buying x product", etc.). Once they fill out the little "survey", send them to the webpage to download their third bonus.

The reason why this system works so well is because it keeps customers engaged beyond the refund period, it taps into the law of reciprocity, and it exceeds their expectations.

The end result is that you'll drastically reduce refunds, generate some killer testimoinals, and develop long-term customers who know you over-deliver value.

I posted a video on my blog a little while back that walks you through the system if you want to see it in a "process map". You can check it out here:

~Todd Brown
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  • Profile picture of the author Jesus Perez
    That's one hell of a good 1st post. Great tips!
    • Profile picture of the author Marian Berghes
      good idea...think im gonna do some testing....

      a fun part on the video where that guy says:" pay..." and then takes a 2 second break and i was expecting to give me some product that i have to buy and then "...very much attention..." that kinda made me smile
    • Profile picture of the author Bruce NewMedia
      Todd thanks for this! .... its really an excellent strategy I wish I had been using a while back. ..I think the part about soliciting for a testimonial is important as it helps to commit them mentally and publically to the purchase.
  • Profile picture of the author Chuck Underwood
    WOW, that is really cool.

    Thank you for sharing such quality information for free.

  • Profile picture of the author SandyHall
    Hi Todd,

    This is some great follow-up information to a product purchase.

    I'm definitely going to implement this for several of
    my product autoresponder lists.

    Thanks so much for a great idea.
    I'm sure this will lower my refund rate.

    Here's to all our successes,

  • Profile picture of the author Thomas
    It's a good idea but it addresses a problem that, while significant, is second to that of actually selling products in the first place. I can't remember a time I've seen 7 bonuses worthy of sale on their own.

    If I had 7 additional products that good, I'd sell them as stand-alone products, or incorporate them into the product itself.

    But then, I just like being different... even if only for the sake of it!

    • Profile picture of the author Louis Raven
      Amazing Post!

      1) I'm assuming by the tone of your post that all your buyers are put straight into an autoresponder, how is this so without an opt in form?

      I understand you are fully allowed to send mail to someone whom you're in a business relationship with. Do you add them to an autoresponder automatically?

      2) If not, how do you get them on the responder list?

      I have LOADS of paypal paying clients I'd like to import but need some help

  • Profile picture of the author Brian Tayler
    Great first post. Keep it up (if you can)

    Hope you stay around for a long time
  • Profile picture of the author Andres
    Very smart - I recently bought an ebook online and in the ebook there was 1 unadvertised bonus and then 1 week, 2 weeks and 3 weeks later I received several more bonuses.

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