Video Experts, Question: How to get crisp and clear audio?

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I've made a few videos in the past and have Camtasia but my question is, what are the best tips to get clear crisp audio? I always struggle with this!

For example, is it my cheapie mic? If so any recommendations on a good mic? If it all (or mostly) has to do with the mic, that's easily solved...

Or - should I be recording w/ Camtasia w/ no sound and using a different software for the audio?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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    If you're using camtasia 5, then you'll have some options for clearing the audio already.
    also, you should record with high quality mic with camtasia to avoid late voice or any timing errors may occur.
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      I'm using Camtasia 3 and do you have any recommendations on a "high quality mic"?
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    Ive just purchased the Logitech Clear Chat Premium headset and mic combo and I have to say, the audio quailty is exceptional, it really is. That cost £22, around $50, so not to bad on the pocket either lol.
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    Try playing with your mic positioning as well. If it's too far from your mouth your signal will be too quiet, too close and you may "pop" your p's. You'll also end up with more low sounds if the mic is below your mouth and more high sounds if it's above.
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    This mic Samson Audio - C01U with a spider mount and pop guard works great...
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    hey, if you have a low quality mic, try putting a thin sheet (or any piece of thin material) about 3 inches from your mouth. The material absorbs the big spitting p's and b's!

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    I had been using a super cheap mic for a long time... it wasn't too bad, but I recently upgraded to the Alesis podcasting kit ($100 for a decent mic, and headphones) and I have noticed an improvement.

    In Camtasia... does your audio sound bad when you're editing it, or only after you export it?

    If it sounds bad when you're editing it, then it may have to do with the mic... or mic positioning, etc.

    But if it only sounds bad after you export it, then you should test some different export settings. I usually export using MP3 audio, 22khz, mono 32 kbps. Thats pretty low quality by today's standards, but sounds fine on my videos.

    I'm sure Josh Anderson has posted some applicable specs and/or tutorials here on the WF somewhere.
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      Thanks for all of the great replies so far. From what I can tell:
      - I should invest in a better mic
      - be aware of mic positioning

      Eric I'm referring to prior to exporting .. it's not terrible (the audio) but it's amateur-ish if you know know what I mean?
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    I bought a $5 headset mic from Staples and tried it out. I got crystal clear audio. There's no logo or brand on this thing...that's how cheap it is. I forget what company made it...maybe it was Staples' own brand.

    The only time I get bad audio from this thing is if I push the mic right into my face. Otherwise, the sound is great. I honestly believed, walking into store, that I was going to be paying close to $100 for a good one, but I saw this $5 mic right next to the $100 mic

    In fact, I tried doing some harsh p's, b's, etc and it still didn't have any problems.
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      You can also check my sig line for my no charge 94 minute video tutorial on how to "Ace the Audio"...

      I cover pretty much everything there.

      Hope it helps!
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    it IS possible with a cheap-o mike. Just put a thin piece of material in front. Try it!

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