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Obviously I am new here. I am trying to get a PM out to someone and I am told I need a minimum of 15 posts. I dont want to go and make meaningless posts but I also want to get in touch with this person (the forum states that I need 30 posts before I can reply)

Do I just have to put in my time and make the posts or is there a way I can PM this person??

I purchased his product through the WSO and havent received a download link yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Can you just leave a polite note in the WSO thread, saying what you've said here. Hopefully the person will contact you and sort out the problem - probably the usual glitch in cyberspace!
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      Click on the person's name then once in there profile click contact to see if they have any other ways to contact them.
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    I don't think they can do that either
    You need 30 posts to be able to post in the WSO thread.
    I just found out about this today as I finally convinced my coaching partner to join and she wanted to post in our WSO but she doesn't have enough posts
    I had to do it for her -- which defeats the purpose of her trying to introduce herself
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    I think you answered your own question "A".

    I myself wanted to reply to some nice folks who PM'ed me to thank me for some help I gave them here but I also only have a dozen or so posts.

    Dont post meaninless posts but be helpful and your apprenticeship with flyby.

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    Thanks for your help all - Hopefully the apprentiship will be over soon :-)
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    It took me a year to get my first 10 posts, so don't worry about it.
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      ZZZ208 - If you will give the forum name of the person I will post in the WSO for you to alert them to the problem.

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    I just tried to pm someone and got page not found and I have tried to email this person twice with no reply, so I wanted to pm them here, but can't

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    Yeah, the same thing happened to me recently.

    It's annoying, but I suppose it's necessary to hinder spammers.
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    Thanks for the help Kay. This forum is like a giant candy store - man o man See ya at the top all
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    ZZ2008: I have fulfilled all orders, sorry for any delay. My wife was sick this weekend with an irregular heartbeat (we both now take the same medicine, isn't that weird), and I was busy taking care of her.
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    Can't understand why anyone would buy something from someone who doesn't have contact info on their site. (Not a dig at you BTW Josh, just a general observation).

    Hope your wife is feeling better

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