The Conspiracy of the Rich...

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I was just on Robert Kiyosaki's Website (Rich Dad, Poor Dad Guy) and saw that he has a new ebook that you can access for free called "The Conspiracy of the Rich."

What is interesting about the book is that he has incorporated a "forum" into each of the chapters. While reading each chapter you can "discuss" the information with others and add your own opinion and comments.

What is really interesting is that he tells you up front that the information you provide may be published in an upcoming printed edition of his book. What that means is, he is having users on his website create material for him that he turns around and publishes in a "real" book.

It seems like this is a fantastic way to create information products AND recruit a built in customer base. Afterall, if you contributed information to a book that was published would you not then tell EVERYONE you know about it? You may even buy several copies yourself and give them out as gifts to your friends.

So, Robert Kiyosaki has his fans write a book that gets published and then he can turn around and sell the book to the exact same people that authored it for him AND have them market it.

No wonder he is a "Rich Dad."

Think this could work in the IM world too?
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    Great idea. Definately a workable idea in the IM world.
    Thanks for letting us know about this technique!
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    Nice observation, Mark. You also know it will sell well because it already contains the questions and answers of your target market as VOLUNTARILY determined by them...or at least a very healthy cross segment of them.

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