Can someone help me understand "HOW" my affiliate ID was hacked?

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I belong to a network marketing company for the last year & we use a replicated system. There are 1100 members of this system & somehow...someone used some type of software to send messages to all affiliates of any program they choose including this one?

I talked to the person via email but asked how he got my information and he stated:

"The software I use, you type in any company worldwide that has an affiliate program and it give's you the affiliate information such as Email, tel, name. He mentioned it cost $200/mth to rent the software to contact 200 people/day or $1,000 per month to pull unlimited names from all over the internet.

He said the software was created by some guy name "Guy" who lives in Quebec, Canada...i'd be interested in knowing how this can be done so I can say shame on him".

Does anyone know the name of this software or the person Guy? He's supposed to be incredibly known online marketing and a master of software.

Your help would be appreciated!

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    I would imagine that a squadron of flying pigs must have flown over while you were email conversing!

    If it didn't, he is using a programme that automatically hacks private data bases, steals information and distributes it indiscriminately.

    If you look at it logically, he probably got your details in a data base exchange (still not kosher) but could not say so. Would you pay $200 a month for 6,000 names of affiliates? Let's face it, the average affiliate earns very little, if anything and is notoriously lazy.
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      How about someone that know's what they're talking about instead of 2 people who don't understand?

      The program is sold online and i'm interested in finding out more so I understand how he received this information. It's a software similar to Affiliate Elite where instead of finding the adwords people are using and bidding on, you are building a genealogy list of networkers.

      I personally don't care to build this kind of list, it's useless to me but i'd like to know the name of the software used so I can place a comment.

      If you know the name of the software, kindly reply. If you don't know... writing about pigs and how he probably found it really doesn't help. It was found by using a software.

      So, back to my original question, Does anyone know the name of this software?
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    thats bad there
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    Art certainly knows what he's talking about, don't let his words about pigs fool you.

    If you reeeeaaaaly want to find that specific software creator, just to say shame on them... um... :confused:

    I think you will find the answers you seek at a different type of forum... look for BlackHat. The hackers will tell you thousands of different programs you could use.

    We tend to wear white hats over here, some are a little grey, but hey I don't judge. To each their own.

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    what Jared said

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