Do You Need An "Angel?"

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Some newbies have lots of energy and time but no money, so are left with
bum marketing tactics. I, OTOH, have money but no time.

So, who here needs a couple of bucks to get started? All I ask is that you
remember me when you reach your goals. (No interest, just pay me back
when you can, or give me a copy of what you're trying to market)
Am willing to help out with $10 or $20.

Do you need a domain? If you like GoDaddy, $7.95 (+ .20) is all you need with code OYH3 for a .COM!

I don't know anymore, but I like to help out where I can, and am anxious
to be a part of something.

Leave a reply, and/or PM me. I will be back in 9 hours!
#internet marketing #angel
  • Profile picture of the author Jassim
    What kind of marketing tactic is this?
    • Profile picture of the author Loren Woirhaye
      Do you know there have been studies done where students
      tried to give-away $20 bills and almost nobody would take

      People intrinsically distrust random altruism.

      Strange, but true.
  • Profile picture of the author Wide Eyed Concepts
    Hey there Red Matrix,

    I noticed in your profile it says you are a CSR for T-Mobile, is this still the case?

    BTW, this is a very generous offer if you are for real.
  • Profile picture of the author kumisi69
    Wow your trying to do a good thing, not that i really know what 10-20 dollars could really do for someone but that's not the point, good on ya for being a nice sole, i believe what goes around comes around so you should be getting some thing special soon, good luck on your ventures and keep being kind we need more people like you
  • Profile picture of the author Eric Land
    I'll take it to pay for my next wso or classified

    Very nice what your doing

    can't believe someone hasn't taken up your offer yet

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