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Can anyone recommend a decent report on creating good sales copy? I write well (I had better, it's how I make most of my living), but selling...not a strong point. I am creating a website where I am selling my services in a certain area, and I'd like it to be effective.

If anyone could point me to some good information on selling, I would appreciate it. In the meantime, I'll keep Googling.
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    Here's one of my favorite resources for sales copy. Free ads you can swipe from the legends of advertising:

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    Jessica and Jared...thank you. (Hey, those two names sound kind of good together.)

    Jessica: I haven't actually launched the website yet. The graphics are clean and I think they are fine for what I'm doing. It's "selling myself" effectively that I'm worried about. Your suggestions are good ones and I'm going to follow them.

    Jared: on my way to the link right now!

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