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I'm working on a private membership website for people interested in making money online.

I really want to over deliver.. so that my subscriber is happy and considers staying on for longer than 1 month.

So far I have the usual... video tutorials, website case studies, profit blueprints, interviews with various internet marketers..

Can anyone suggest some services or content I could add to add value..?
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    David is spot on, ask the market what they want.

    So many membership sites are filled with useless crap the site owner assumes "adds value", but the market has no need or use for.

    For a "make money" site the best thing you can do is help your members make money -- so, within the boundaries of what you're teaching in the site, how can you best help them make money?

    Pre-built websites? Plug-n-play stuff like PLR content, salesletters, articles etc? Proven lead-generating salesletters/opt-ins?

    Don't be worried so much about adding more "stuff", think about how you can actually help your individual subscribers do more of what you promised them when they subscribed.
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    resource links readily available, categorized and priced (ie free resources, low cost resources, top end resources, etc..)
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    You've done the right thing by asking here. If your site has a forum create a thread or topic for members to suggest new ideas -maybe even offer a prize (i.e. 1 month free membership) if you put their ideas to use.

    If your site hasn't got a forum then that's one feature you should add right away!

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    Thanks for all the great info.

    I think I have a serious problem - I keep putting the date back and redoing videos etc.. want everything to be perfect.
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    Although it's already been mentioned once so far here, I must also add the fact that having a FORUM can absolutely add value to your site in that interaction amongst like-minded individuals will show you exactly what they want/are looking for/any problems they may be having along the path(s) to their goal(s).
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    I should of stated - no current members.

    Therefore the forum would be awfully quiet!
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    Hey iw433,

    In what way would that help? If you're referring to the forum, they are happily (I imagine!) posting here!
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    give full support and ask who is still do not make money yet and tried to help each member at least they get back their investment back...
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      Discounts on popular products. It's easy to find vendors to offer your members in return for the free advertising.

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