Money from Video Games other than WoW?

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Hey guys, after some research, I've found that there are not too many programs for to make money with video games that doesn't involve WoW or Everquest, (or some other pay-by-month game).

I was wondering, does anyone know a way a gamer, such as myself and many others on the forum, could make money using our particular expertise?

Perhaps a program that pays per hour played?

Or a recommended Tester program/ebook?

I already understand the idea of blogging with my ideas and techniques and my tricks, but I'm looking for something a little different, and wondering what ideas my brothers-in-arms, the Warriors, had?

Thanks for reading and your ideas,

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    Another game that is similar to WoW is Warhammer.

    To make money with such online games, you could either become an affiliate for the gaming guides which teach you how to level or get gold.

    Since you say you are a gamer, perhaps you could use your experience as a gamer to create your own unique guide and start making some cash in what looks like an underdeveloped niche (Warhammer).
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      Originally Posted by CurtisN View Post

      Another game that is similar to WoW is Warhammer.

      To make money with such online games, you could either become an affiliate for the gaming guides which teach you how to level or get gold.

      Since you say you are a gamer, perhaps you could use your experience as a gamer to create your own unique guide and start making some cash in what looks like an underdeveloped niche (Warhammer).
      Sounds like a good idea. Warhammer is rather new and people havn't done much for it.

      Whereas the tabletop game is also a hugely unexplored niche. People could use guides to make their own armies and strategies to use.
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    There is a new online game service debuting from a UK-based company. The service is being launched at and will allow you to submit a entry fee, play games on line, and then the winners split the jackpot. Lots of legalities to be aware of, and of course, I have to caution you all to be careful what you send over as proof of age.
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    I think the only way to get serious money from games is by making it.

    The other way is leveling up someone's account or selling the high lvl character in online games
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    The real money in these markets is from selling virtual currencies (gold), not ebooks or guides on how to play. Unfortunately in WoW and other games the commissions for gold sales are pretty low, like around 10-15% on average.. with enough volume however, you can make quite a lot. I have never played these games but one of my main earners for a long time was a WoW site that hooked into a gold selling affiliate program - people would regularly spend hundreds of dollars over and over. Of course you can make more still by having your own site selling WoW gold, however if you want to just be an affiliate I would promote guides and gold sellers side by side.
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    Last time I checked, buying and renting out sim's (virtual land) in Second Life was very profitable. They use Linden (virtual currency) which is bought sold in US$ or other international denominations. I am strongly considering putting together a guide for making money in second life, though the initial learning curve will take some time and dedication. The 'first hour' experience as they call it.
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    You could:

    1. Make products/guides for MMORPG's
    2. Get a crew of gamers, make a website and do leveling/gold services.
    3. Make professional guides like "How to DOMINATE at PvP!" etc.
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    hmm i love both IM and video games and ive never thought of making any connection between the two.

    I'm quite a newb when it comes to IM though.

    I know you mentioned you already thought about blogging and such but maybe there would be a way to set up your own review sight that had ads for related products and services.

    Maybe you could use seo to get your reviews to the tops of the searches. If you know how to make a good website or market with articles and blogs you can try to make as many game reviews and tips and cheats articles as possible.

    There is a really high demand for game walkthroughs and such although many people are more than happy to put them up for free. It seems the only way to make any money would be by selling ad space.

    As far as trying to make money by simply playing games....the service has already been provided. It's hard to put a profitable twist on that.

    Sorry i guess that wasn't very helpful but i will be brainstorming and i will mention it to my mentor to see if he has any ideas.

    Good luck with this very worthy endeavor.
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      There are a few ways to make money with video games but not many. people buy video games to play them, that's it, the only product they might buy is somethign that enchances or helps with that game play.

      You could promote gold/item selling for all massively multiplayer online role playing games (mmorpgs) wow being the biggest of them all and clearly most profitable, but there are many, many others (also all of them combined will likely have less than half of wow's subscription base so meh) Another thing you could try is to sell guides, again this is somethign that is being done for wow, but you could try to sell guides for other games (also, since those other games have lower # of people, it's not going to be as good as promoting wow)

      There are some other idea, but you need to find what people will pay for. Most people who buy let's say ps2 games aren't looking for anythign else (maybe a free guide/cheat sheet) where as wow features many time sinks so buying gold is fairly popular there.
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    I actually made my very first money online from online games, MMO's to be specific. It was a game called Asheron's Call. I sold my account for U.S. $5,000 on eBay and was the 2nd highest selling Asheron's Call account to ever sell, and at the time, broke records for most expensive "virtual item" ever sold online.

    The rest is history.
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    WoW and selling gold is too saturated BTW. Unless you can also get heaps of workers willing to do 12 hours shifts for like $6USD a day (literally).
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    Wait! You mean my boyfriend could actually have been making money playing WoW every day?! PSchhh.
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      Originally Posted by Elaina View Post

      Wait! You mean my boyfriend could actually have been making money playing WoW every day?! PSchhh.
      Ha Ha Ha! No, not really. Unless he manages to make the best character ever and sell the account for a heap of cash on ebay, he probably won't be able to make too much, if anything off of wow.

      So, yes, PSchhhh.
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    I made some money with Ragnarok but they didn't pay very well.

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      At what point did you sell your account for Asherons Call?

      Because I know of at least 4 accounts which were sold
      on ebay for almost $6,500 each all on the Wintersebb
      server not to long after it opened.

      I literally watched the guy do it as he was the first to
      perch the Olthoi Vault weeks before anyone else did.

      Me and the guy had a basic agreement, he macroed his
      accounts on all the perches I looted the Olthoi sold
      the stuff and kept his macros filled with arrows or spell

      Then I fellowed him to Aerlinthe where he was the first to
      perch the Coral Golems, many many many months before
      the others that eventually did the same thing.

      As for the original post, here are some things to think about.

      Many of the players of these games are kids.

      Many games have ToS agreements that say if you sell ingame
      items or accounts you will have them banned. WoW being
      one of them.

      Having seen alot of these guides as they were bought by
      people then passed around freely and almost endlessly mocked
      because they are so horrid in there general details.

      What's worse is I've seen some people on this forum selling those
      things with affiliate pages it makes me not trust their judement at
      all for doing so.

      Go to ebay and look at the video games / internet games section.
      You can kind of get an idea of what's being sold and you find some
      things you might not expect.

      Also realise that you are going to be going against people in other
      countries who don't mind making tiny amounts of money for playing
      a game. They supposedly are like sweatshops for game players
      where they all mass play a game and collect items to sell and basically
      undercut everybody else in price and quantity.

      Also if you sell ingame items you might run into the problem I did.
      I gave a guy the items that I was selling in my auction after he
      had paid for them with his paypal account. About a day later he
      got the payment reversed and I complained to paypal literally
      giving them the screenshots of the ingame transaction and they
      said it's not a tangible item and ended up closing my account for
      suspicious activity.

      So if your going to sell items in a game I wouldn't use paypal.

      The get paid to test games thing is almost 100% bogus. Those
      ebooks are steaming piles and I would stay away from them. To
      literally test games your probably going to have to be a local
      residence to where the game is being made and you are probably
      going to have to have some sort of technical degree.

      As the people creating those games are looking for people to find
      bugs that they can fix, they are not looking for some kid to sit
      around and play a game and give them a review of it and then
      pay them for their review.

      You could always do reviews and make them more entertaining
      like the Angry Video Game Nerd or the Irate Gamer. Both are
      sort of big on youtube.

      Or you could make a story sort of like PurePwnage. I think they
      are getting multiple millions of people watching their videos when
      they actually release them which is in my opinion really amazing.

      Another thing is to actually create a game and sell some stuff
      for your game. Two browser based games that you might
      check out as models are Kingdom of Loathing and RaceWarKingdoms.

      Kingdom of loathing I think only sells one item for ingame, then that
      item is used to purchase different special items that are upgraded.
      There is also people on ebay selling stuff to this game which I don't
      know if it is against the games ToS or not.

      RaceWarKingdoms sells multiple items for ingame that allow access
      to different things.

      I don't know much about SecondLife. I read all these things about
      it and yet I don't think it lives up to it's hype of selling all kinds of
      things and making people alot of money. It might though I don't
      honestly know.

      One game to avoid in my opinion is EntropiaUniverse, at least when
      it comes to making money. Now the game actually uses and actual
      conversion of real money to ingame money and ingame money to
      real money. Yet it plays more or less like an mmorpg casino with you
      not knowing if or when you will actually find anything that's worth

      You also might keep a look out for upcoming games that might allow
      for a few months of gameplay that will make some money. One
      supposedly coming out soon which is Darkfall which is supposed to
      be an all open pk world. The crafting ingame looks really tedious from
      the beta leaks I've seen which might lend to someone playing and only
      gathering the resources to sell to others for real money.

      Although it being a pk world might end with you just getting beat up
      and all your items taken before you can even make the trade.

      Another game that is coming out supposedly in a few months is Mortal
      Online which is supposed to be another pk game like Darkfall. The only
      video is a trailer I have seen for it and the trailer looks amazing. If
      you want to make money then being the first or most known might lend
      itself to a big audience. Especially if you talk about the game and
      it's really informative or entertaining.

      Just some things to think about.
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    Really? I'm new to this kind of online games. But I really enjoyed playing. Hope I could learn to play those games.
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      From what I've personally witnessed, I'd not overlook 'Rock Band 2' a niche to break into for selling a physical product..

      Laugh all you want...if you are indeed laughing...but I can assure you I've personally witnessed a serious 'rise' in the # of entrepreneurs who have come on the RB scene and have found a 'kink in the armor' and have provided a better quality product at a competitive price...

      I'll also add this..

      There are few 'gaming niches', where the players who play the game want to add as much 'realism' as possible in order to more thoroughly enjoy their game play...and I can name those that instantly come to mind...

      Those who want to take their 'flight sims' gaming to a new level...with Flight Cockpits, multiple monitors, real world flight controls, etc.,etc.,

      Those who want to take their 'sim-racing' gaming to a new level...with the addition of aftermarket racing wheels, pedals and racing cockpits...
      NOTE: I'm one that has spent THOUSANDS of dollars for my 'sim-racing addiction' buying said products.

      Those who want to take their 'drumming' to a new using a 'real electronic drum kit' to play a music game.

      Damn..this just gave me an idea...

      Anyway, just my $0.02 worth..

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    I should make a list of all the posters in this thread who are blithely scheming to violate the TOS for these games and determine never to do business with them.

    The only way to do these things is to have one or more accounts with the game providers. That means that you agreed to their Terms Of Service. In every case the activities you describe (gold selling, account selling, bots...) are a violation.

    I'm really concerned about the ethics of the Millenial generation.
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      Not all the games have it in their ToS that selling items / accounts
      is rule breaking. Some games like Asherons Call turned a blind eye
      to it.

      Other games like WoW have it in their ToS that it is a violation.

      You also don't necessarily need multiple accounts to make alot
      of ingame money provided that the ingame economy is actually

      Alot of the games I played I had only one account and I traded
      for alot of the things I had.

      When people break the ToS and they get caught they lose their
      account so it's the risk they take. I know of one guy who had
      like 30 facebook accounts to play a game called Pet Society
      just so he could sell GMB's or coins he got caught and lost all
      his accounts because I think it's in Facebooks rules that you
      can only have a single account.

      Looking at it all though the people who make the most are
      probably the ones selling information about how to do things
      in game even if the info they are selling is complete junk. They
      make more just for the simple fact they don't have to keep
      regaining whatever items they might be selling.

      It's more of a business instead of a service. I don't know if selling
      info about a game is wrong unless you use images of the game.

      I myself wish I could find a game in which I could sell some stuff
      with again as all the games I used to do it with don't have the
      amount of people playing anymore or it's just plain impossible.
      I haven't made any money off any mmorpgs since early 2002.
      In total I made around $4,600 in about a 7 month span. $4k of
      it coming in just 2 months of that time. That money from games
      is about half of what I've made in my lifetime and it'd be nice
      if I could make some money playing games again someday.

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