Clickbank a liability?

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I'm seriously considering pulling my product from Clickbank. I get good traffic of my own and Clickbank sales are only a minor contribution to my income. It's been declining for some time anyway.

But what really bothers me is the possible negative effect that some affiliates can have on branding. I've just done a thorough web search on my product name and I'm a bit disturbed by some of the trashy websites I see promoting my product. Some are good while others totally misrepresent the product or give an unprofessional image. I think this could do real harm when prospective customers search the web for reviews or independent feedback.

I've never heard a discussion on this aspect of Clickbank and affiliate sales in general. But if you're trying to build a good brand you really need to keep tight control over your product and image.
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    Hi David

    it's one of the reasons why I don't use CB to sell my stuff, even tho you have the added advantage of lots more affiiates etc. (Sometimes I wonder if that is as positive as everyone thinks)

    At least running my own affiliate program I can control (to an extent) what my affiliates are doing

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      You have the option not to put your product on the ClickBank
      Marketplace, then you can 'control' your (future) affiliates
      by having them subscribe to your own registration procedure.

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    Clickbank could be a huge liability. Also people love requesting refunds because they give a 100% refund no questions asked. The product is good but people know the system so they can get any product they want for free.. Its horrible.
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    For products outside the IM arena I have no problems with Clickbank. Been with them for over 4 years and they've definitely helped increased my sales.

    It's those devious internet marketers that are the problem ;-) but if you're getting high percentage refunds you might want to look at the product, not the buyers.

    E-junkie are quite a good alternative except they can't handle recurring (membership) payments. They do have the advantage of offering secure downloads though.

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    Thanks for the tips, I've thought about using clickbanks for my ebooks, but decided it's best to go on my own. If ever I am big enough, I will look into affiliate software to help me manage my own line.
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    I'm confused as to why everyone is having a pop at Clickbank.

    Sure they've got their faults, but next time you see a big ebook launch in your email, where is it for sale? Who's handling the affiliate program?

    Where did you get your favorite IM-related ebook? Who is (reportedly) making the big money out of ebooks (Benwell, Chris X, etc)? Where are their ebooks for sale?

    A bad affiliate will screw your reputation with some people no matter what you do and no matter how you run your affiliate program. Running your own program and booting someone out after you found out they spamed 50 squillion people is shutting the stable door with the horse well and truly off down the road.

    Especially if you're just starting with ebooks - how are you going to sell it? A listing on Clickbank will pull in twenty or thirty affiliates overnight. Of course they won't all be any good. Maybe only a couple will bring in sales - that's still sales you wouldn't have had.

    I think the rumor mill has gone a bit mad of late. Lets get a bit of perspective before we dismiss the biggest aid to sellers of ebooks as a spent force or a bunch of half-wits.

    It's all very well trying to protect your brand - I'm all for it - but if you ain't selling, what's the point of a brand that nobody's heard of?

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    Especially if you're just starting with ebooks - how are you going to sell it? A listing on Clickbank will pull in twenty or thirty affiliates overnight.
    hahahah ahahahah That's funny.

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