how to draw traffic to my BLOG???

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1] i have a blog and want to draw more traffic...
since im a newbie...can you guys teach me steps what should i do to draw traffic in priorities?

2]do i really have to submit my blog content to each of the articles sites...? is there a faster way?

3]is useful? anyone used before?
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    There's no fixed answer to this - it all depends on your niche and your resources.

    NOTHING applies to everyone so all people can do is tell you what the options are and let you decide for yourself.

    You don't HAVE to do any one particular thing. Obviously PPC and other advertising on high traffic sites are the most effective way to get traffic immediately.

    But there are LOTs of other ways to get traffic.

    Like :

    Slide sharing (
    Link Directories
    traffic exchanges
    List Brokers
    Popups/Unders/Overs etc..
    Software apps (facebook, toolbars, etc.)
    Software/scripts included in CPanel/Fantastico
    Pinging your pages and the pages on other sites which link to yours.
    XML sharing (PADs, Feeds, Sitemaps, RSS etc.)
    Article directories, and reprinted articles
    Tell-A-Friend scripts
    Twitter , myspace, youtube, facebook etc…
    Sofware links (PAD)
    Videos, audios
    JVs - ezine, links, ty page, A/Rs
    offline (physical books, testimonials/forwards in other peoples books - word of mouth, seminars, networking, business cards, radio advertising, tradeshows, workshops, roadshows, mail, local sponserhips etc)
    Viral Marketing (ezines, software, ebooks etc.)
    Ezine ads
    webinar / teleseminar
    Online TV stations and radio stations
    buying other websites with existing traffic and links
    buying expired domains with existing traffic
    Outsourcing sites - Elance etc.
    Traffic swaps
    giving away templates
    Images (Flickr etc)
    service offline businesses
    Banner Ads
    Craigslist and similar
    previous customers returning (emails, links in books, promotions etc.)
    message boards
    community sites
    google news - alerts
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      Andy gave you excellent suggestions.

      I personally write articles and use twitter and other social networks to get people to my blog as he has stated.
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    Hi Andy, That's really great list for driving traffic, Awesome!
    Many of them I didn't know before
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    Videos and Article writing work the best hands down.
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      Hi Jamezun,

      Andy is right in that there's no short answer to your question.

      In your situation I would probably start with doing some keyword research on the free version of SEO book, you should be able to find out how much people are searching for your chosen topic.

      Secondly you should check how many competitors there are on Google for your chosen keywords, how many of them you can eventually beat to the top will depend on your websites content, how your keywords and tags are organised on you blog and how many articles you have out there. If you see more than a million competitors for your chosen keywords definitely consider using others.

      After that you could see what you can do to optimise your site for the search engines. All in one SEO may be a plugin you find useful.

      If your not going to do pay per click or joint ventures then yes you've hit the nail on the head, you will have to regularly get articles out there on the article sites and social networking sites etc.

      I'm saying all this without knowing what you want to do with your traffic, if you want to make sales then the best way to get your visitors to buy when they visit you is to use keywords and tags in your blog content and articles that use product names.

      If your serious about that I think a good place to start would be to make sure you can get at least one or two articles out there on Ezinearticles and other article sites every week.

      Either write them yourself or use need an article dot net or someone else to write the content for you.

      Hope that helps, best of luck.
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    Thank you, great tips. I'm already utilizing some of them, but others are new. So thanks for sharing.
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    There's no free traffic - either you're paying for it directly or busting your butt to get it.

    Who has time to do all that stuff?

    I'm about to launch a service that does all your keyword research, article writing, article submissions, video marketing, press releases, link building, Squidoo, HubPages, social bookmarking, blog marketing, forum marketing, authority wiki marketing, etc. All done by experienced professionals...
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      It's true there's no one simple way to get traffic...

      But there staples that you should not overlook, regardless of whatever else you do.

      Article Marketing is one, and whether you submit your articles by hand or automated system, yes, you should submit them.

      Getting incoming links is the other.


      BTW Ron, I look forward to seeing your new system/site in action, sounds great
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    Great stuff here guys thanks for sharing. At the moment I am using Twitter / articles but am going to check out Socialiser right now.
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    Traffic is why so many people fail in Internet Marketing.

    Anyone can set up a site or blog, but people find that when they start to drive traffic, it isn't that easy.

    It takes a lot of effort to get free traffic.

    After all, it is targeted traffic you need - not just any traffic.

    You could easily go to some of those pay for traffic websites and buy several hundred hits for a few dollars. But, this is likely to send you untargeted traffic - traffic that won't convert.

    To build good quality targeted traffic you need to work at it and this means participating in communities, forums, writing articles and participating in blogs.

    All these methods are like a 'sales pitch'. That is, interested people come and read your sales pitch and then go and visit your site.

    You need to make it very attractive for them to want to visit your site.

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