FLV format comes BACK to Camtasia v6!

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Hey Camtasia Warriors!

Just got a message from Troy Stein (product manager of Camtasia at Techsmith) that the FLV Flash format that was removed in the new version 6 release is coming back in an update version 6.0.2!

This is scheduled to be released "later in March" according to Troy...

This is a good example of a company listening to their customers. Believe me...a bunch of us Camtasia fanatics made a HUGE stink about dropping this format when v6 released!

At least someone is listening...
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    Originally Posted by ProductCreator View Post

    Cool. FLV can be directly uploaded to Youtube.
    True but actually the MP4 format in Camtasia 6 seems to be better for YouTube...

    The FLV support is great for those of us who used custom players (I use Media Menu Producer) which only takes FLV videos.
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    I think MP4 is a better format personally and much more scalable. FLV is ok if you are stuck with certain players. I found a great plugin for wordpress that lets me add my mp4 videos from amazon plus lets me add graphic. Actually it is meant to be just a flv player but works fine with mp4.

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    i love this forum.
    i have been struggling with Camtasia for weeks and am so slow and stuck.
    do not worry about me i will learn.
    but the reason i am posting here is to say .. you all chat using the jargon so loosely that it has me grinning thinking - huh?
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    I tend to find FV4 (the newer flv) produces a LOT better results. I would love it if they added that to Cam...
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      Hi all,

      I had done a search of the forum to find an answer to my question and found this thread. I hope someone can help me.

      I am trying to download a video from istockphoto and import it into camtasia.

      For some reason, I am unable to do that. It appears the format is incompatible
      but I don't see why.

      Even though I clicked on mp4 for downloading from istockphoto, camtasia is not
      recognizing the format for uploading into my library.

      Anyone know the secret to this?

      Thanks in advance!
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    Problems with importing mp4 files into camtasia 6 has been been officially recognised by Techsmith.

    The solution offered at the link below may help you:

    Importing MP4 file into Camtasia crashes the software or gives a no codec error message

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    Totally good news everyone. Thanks for sharing!

    As an alternative, you could also use ScreenFlow which works similar to this.
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    I love camtasia :-)
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    Ah irony, as I come across this thread while wondering why version 8 does NOT import .flv files...

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