How to add (Blogger) blog headlines to a website

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I've been searching like crazy for this, but couldn't find a decent answer to this problem:

- How can I make the headlines of my blog (hosted at automatically appear on my website, so my visitors can click these hedalines, and go directly to my blog?

I know that you can add blog feeds from other blogs to your site, but can this be done via the Blogger platform too?

All help is much appreciated!
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    You need to add your atom RSS feed from your Blogger blog into your web site. I use XSitePro, which has an RSS feed wizard within it, and I have used it with Blogger blogs, so I know it works.
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      Swiftdeal gave you the correct answer....but I'm wondering if you know how to get the rss feed to show up on your webpages.

      You could do a google search for "rss to html" and you'll find a whole bunch of solutions.

      You could also just go to RSSinclude - the simple way to integrate feeds into your site which gives you a simple way to get the code you need for making the titles in your rss feed show up on your webpage.

      Hope this helps


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