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Don't wait around on this expires at midnight.

I have many action scripts for creating ecovers and all use photoshop. I do covers for a lot of people but I always run across someone looking to create a cover but they don't have any cash or don't have photoshop.....usually both!

I've been in that position before, (no money no photoshop) so I can appreciate the dilemma.

Anyway, Give Away of the Day has a software app called Cover Commander, looks pretty good and just might help someone create a cover or two for themselves, without spending any money for action scripts or photoshop.

Heres the link: Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily. Cover Commander - Cover Commander creates professional, custom-designed virtual boxes, books, dvd-boxes, manuals, CD disks, and screenshots.

I have no idea how good it is....only know that it is free today only.

Good Luck
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    Yeah its not bad for free. I have the Photoshop extensions. Though downloaded this software on two computers just in case I want something quick.

    Download it. Its FREE! ... no Adware no con.

    I got PDFZilla (PDF converter) from one of the last give aways.


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      Yep....most of the stuff is garbage.....depends on your needs.

      I grabbed a few apps over the last year. PDFzilla was one of them, works great.

      Like you said...FREE
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    Guys... Guys.

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    Thanks for the link, I like the giveaway of the day site as well.

    This may be a stupid question, but based on the user's agreement, would it be legal to create an ebook cover for an ebook you're planning on reselling? Or would it have to be one that you're just going to giveaway?
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      I downloaded and installed it.
      It has a lot of templates.....A LOT
      Your work is a 3D object. As you work with it you can rotate to to change the perspective. You can rotate it to see the back side.
      Sizing is done when you save your work. The working size is 100 x 100 pixels max.
      Has shadows and reflections. You can control them. MORE --- LESS
      OR you can work without them.

      There are two downsides:
      1. It does not have a built in text editor. Your front, top and side panels must have the text in them before you begin creating your ecover.
      2. It is for personal use only. OF COURSE, this is a good free unlimited trial to use personally and then decide whether it is what you want for business and then you can buy it for $69 if you like it.

      EDIT: Here is a sample. I plugged in a picture of myself from long ago and let the program create a box. The program selected the top and side colors.
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    Thanks so much for the link to this. Giiveaway has been inconsistent in it's offerings and I would have missed this one for sure. If you're too late and you missed it, here is a list of alternatives you can search under from the comments section on their site, most free or some combo of freeware-shareware:

    3D Box Shot Maker - Freeware


    You can create a box, a CD box and a DVD box directly from this website without ever having to install anything. However customization and options are very limited.
    - 3D Box ShotMaker 1.0
    - Vossfeld Virtual Hardbox Designer 1.0
    - BoxMaker Classic
    - Virtual Hardbox Designer
    - Bobyte Boxmaker Classic 1.0

    Free ecovers ebook cover ecover download

    Finally, for those who won’t be able to download this GEM before the end of GAOTD deadline or just don’t want to take up their HD space, there are services on the WEB allowing users to create FREE eCovers using an eCover script through an eCover Wizard.

    One of them can be found here:
    Create eCovers For Free!

    Unlike (first FREEWARE ALTERNATIVE above), with this FREE ONLINE SERVICE it’s also possible to design and personalize unique professional EBOOK ECOVERS starting from scratch, because users can draw their own images on their PC, using graphics editing programs such as Adobe PhotoShop, and then create a professional eCover following the eCover Wizard steps mentioned above.

    If you don’t have Photoshop, don’t worry!!
    You can replace it with other astounishing FREE or CHEAPER ARTWORK ALTERNATIVES such as:

    - GIMP (see this nice and easy tutorial to get to know how to use it properly: GIMP - Tutorials)

    DAZ Studio - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET
    DAZ STUDIO is a fabulous FREE 3D figure posing and animation tool enabling users to easily create stunning digital imagery and 3D images:perfect for eBook designers to design and create vivid cover images. Caution, it requires at least 1GB RAM to work smoothly even though 512 RAM can be enough if you are not too much demanding.
    Hope you found this information and suggestions helpful.
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    Not only photoshop is used to make ecovers. You can make nice covers but not so professional with other software's.

    PM me for any other help or links because I don't like to post links in the forum.

    Mike G Hersh
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    Hey that's me again.

    Just found here on the forum a free ecover software:

    Hope this helps.
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      This program saves as a working file in its own format.
      It can also save the image in one of 4 other standard formats:

      I like this software. I may have to buy it after playing with it for a while.
      Again, a big downside is NO text editor built in.

      This is so fast it is not funny. Use the Wizard. It asks for a picture and BAM! you are done.
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    Thanks for this thread and the links others have shared.

    I have not sat down to learn action scripts, and my mind did not grasp how to use Gimp to do what I wanted. At least I was unable to just pick it up and use it correctly, to take a PSD file and change the Video No. X on a series of DVD covers.

    So I appreciate you telling us about this program.

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    Thanks, Scott.
    Was about to post the same only to realize that I have not enough post quota to post links and images.

    I did a few eCovers and it is very easy to do, provided you already have the images done.

    I cannot figure out how the CD cover can be done, because when I browse and import an image, it does not work. So, I cannot figure it out.
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    ONE TIP: When you select a picture, be sure it is the same basic format as the item you will be using it on.
    Portrait picture for boxes
    Lanscape picture for credit cards
    Square picture for CD cases.

    I took a portrait (up and down orientation) picture and put it on a credit card. It sqooshed the picture down and made it fit on a landscape (left to right orientation) canvas. People became more squat and fat. Didn't look terrible, but I am fat enough already without digital help.
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    Those are all great!
    I click the link and then think I've found what I've been looking for for weeks...
    and then realize: REQUIRES WINDOWS XP...

    Anyone know of any mac E-book cover software?

    Much Thanks!
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    I'm a day late. Did anyone download this and can share it via a PM?
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    Not bad for free software, can't complain with the price!

    Personally I use the CoverAction Pro Photoshop Scripts.

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