Who would you link to for CD's and DVD's?

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I'm setting up an information blog on cd's and dvd's.

What affiliate programs would you link to for the visitors to go buy from? I'm leaning towards Amazon and eBay but I thought I should ask the Warriors.


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    I should start by saying that I have no experience in linking to CD / DVD sites, but I was just curious as to why you would even consider ebay?

    Amazon, seems like a sensible choice, especially as it is relatively global in it's spread. But ebay is more of a marketplace for secondhand goods and quite a lot of trash these days. Amazon is going that way too but it's roots are in Books CDs & DVDs, plus they have good affiliate resources and a good back-end for tracking sales etc.

    Just my thoughts, but someone with more experience may well have a better answer for you.

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    The reason I was thinking of ebay is because they sell more new stuff than old stuff, and that includes cd's and dvd's.

    I also like the ebay $25 commission on new accounts and ebay has a longer cookie. I think the amazon cookie is only 24 hours.

    I'm not sure which site would lead to further commissions after the first purchase. That's why I'm looking for some information from the Warriors.

    I just hear more ebay affiliate success stories than I do amazon stories.
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    As mentioned by Kate above , Amazon is probably your best bet . If you would like to add another program, consider offering DeepDiscount.com. Their affiliate program is managed by AffiliateFuture.com.

    When it comes to cd's and dvd's Amazon has just about everything under the sun. However, Deep Discount is a viable alternative due to the fact that their pricing is a bit lower than Amazon (most of the time), and shipping is always free (without the $25.00 minimum required by Amazon).

    Also, between the two, anyone looking for a hard to find cd or dvd should be able to locate it on one site or the other.

    Keep in mind that selling this type of product provides only a small affiliate commission and to really make a decent rate you will need a large sales quantity.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    I'll check out DeepDiscount.com

    I know the commissions are small, that's why I'm trying to find out which affiliate program has more "backend commissions" after you have cookied the vistor.

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