Youtube Video not playing on my site! And others!

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OK I noticed that on a couple of sales pages that I looked at today where the site had a Youtube video that it looked fine until you clicked 'Play'. i.e. the opening image of the video is there but when you click play you get a black screen that says 'We're sorry but this video is no longer available'.

I decided to check one of my own sites and YIKES! the same problem. The video is not working.

I then went to my Youtube account, checked under 'My videos' and both videos are playing just fine on the Youtube site.

Better check your Youtube video's on your sites guys.

Anyone know why this is happening?

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    Hey Roy!

    I never put my videos up on Youtube!

    That's because it makes me look unprofessional.

    If you are concerned about the bandwidth and all other related charges, I recommend using Amazon AWS at
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      Hi Lakshay

      Not sure about that...Lots of top marketers are using Youtube videos on their sites.

      I first noticed the problem on Edwin Ryan's site at today. I notified him and then checked my own sites.

      Does anyone know a fix for this problem? It's costing me sales!

      Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Roy,

    There was a thread about this on the old forum this week...hold on there a mo....

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