After Years, Finally I Took Action...

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Good evening fellow Warriors!

I have been reading this forum since 2006, but I never took action. I promised myself that I will create a website on a topic Im interested in: Hybrid Cars.

Finally, I created my first web site! The URL is - The Most Useful Hybrid Car Resource Website

I will update the site on a daily basis, add new articles and features...

Could anybody help me promote this website?

Thank you so much!

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    Great looking site Gary,

    I took a thorough look through, and see a good potential for you to monetize the site even more by promoting 'gas saving' info products... take a look at some at clickbank & other affiliate sites... there seem to be more and more of these 'gas saving tip products' appearing every day.

    I noticed one spelling error you should fix, on your Honda Accord page, 'fenomenal' should be spelled 'phenomenal'

    Other than that one tiny spelling error, I say congrats on taking action, and see a huge potential for your website to be a great resource.

    - Jared

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