Anyone knows how to track downloads

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Please could anyone help.
I got a report that I want to give as a free download but I like to know how many people downloaded this.
Anyone knows how to track downloads or any script that I could use to do this?

Jorge Ribeiro
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    Easy - bung a link created with your autoresponder and that will keep tabs for you.
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    The simplest way is through your control panel every time the download zip file is clicked ie it should be recorded as a page click.

    Alternately you can use a download manger script which will do this for you. Most new scripts now a days will do a lot more. I use possession defender this protects the download url, requires a membership to access the download and limits how many times they can download it plus much more.
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    Thank's Guys

    I think I'll go and try to do it from the control panel,if I could not understand the thing
    will get a download manager.

    Jorge Ribeiro
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    You can also set up a free account on mediafire.

    That keeps accurate records of the amount of time each file you store their is downloaded

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    Get DLGuard... Track and secure your Downloads
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    If the free download is on a site that you control, I highly recommend installing Google Analytics and utilizing the instructions on how to track downloaded files from their help center here: How do I track files (such as PDF, AVI, or WMV) that are downloaded from my site? - Analytics Help

    This solution is likely more complicated than a download script, but I felt it was important to note as it is a free solution that may be useful to other visitors looking to track downloads.
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      I use a simple script to count downloads. It counts each click on the download link. PM me if you can use it.

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    I think for what you may need is a download script manager to monitor this information for you. Newly developed scripts are being written every day, so you can simply google for free security download scripts and find one that will fit your needs well. There's a pretty good that has been around for while, possession defender, which puts restrictions and a login code to your download so you can limit the amount of downloads on a daily basis. Hope this helps! :-)

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