Do you have "sig line blindness" or do you read them?

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Just curious as to whether people actually read the signature line when reading a post on forums.

Are you blind to the sig line or do you make it a point to read them?

Is the quality of the post a factor?

Do you personally get a lot of traffic from your sig line?

What draws your attention to someone's sig line and makes you click?
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  • Profile picture of the author Alan Petersen
    For me it's the post. But not just quality posts. If I read a post that I think is bunk I'll check out their sig to see their site. So I guess if the post gets my attention (good or bad) I'll look.
  • Profile picture of the author GeorgR.
    Hell yes,

    Forum marketing is a substantial part of this business.

    I think its a matter of how respected someone is on the forum. There are people where you always KNOW that they offer HQ stuff, then i might click on their sig which points to their latest WSO and similar.
    • Profile picture of the author LegitIncomes
      I pay attention to the signature lines of Warriors who I am familiar with, and who I trust.

      That's something everyone needs to keep in mind, especially the newbies.
      Make posts that are worthwhile and you'll get your signature line noticed a lot more than if you go around posting three word replies to everything.
  • Profile picture of the author Traffic101
    Me too, if the post is well worded and offers me something, I will click on the signature line. But if I think they didn't add anything to the topic, I won't click. Or if they have too many it's confusing. Keep it simple.
  • Profile picture of the author Tyler Ellison
    I voted sometimes. I've seen some really good sigs that entice me to click. Part of it is respect for the other members. I'm no know-it-all or have-it-all and I enjoy learning from other members, which often leads to reading the sig line.
  • Profile picture of the author RobinInTexas
    If the post gets my attention I'll usually glance at the sig.

    If the line in the sig gets my attention/interest I'll check it out
  • Profile picture of the author CDawson
    When I first started IM here at WF I always would look at sigs for IM information but when it came time to buy something I never did.
  • Profile picture of the author IMChick
    I only check out sigs of long time posters that I know and trust because I have done my own research. Never new members by length of time they've been a member--post count is irrelevant. And I only check them out if there is something of interest, not random clicking around.
  • Profile picture of the author shibbeymon
    As a noobie, I always look at other warriors signature lines. I'm always interested in what is being "offered" for lack of a better word and how it is being promoted.
  • Profile picture of the author Steadyon
    What sig line?

    Seriously though, I can't say I look. I just come here to learn and share information I have that may help others.
    • Profile picture of the author Kyle Tully
      Like most people (according to the poll) I read them based on the poster.

      Post something intelligent, useful or informative and I'll check out your sig to see what else you've got.

      Otherwise they don't even register.

      Do the people asking how to make money online seriously believe we'll check out their "how to make a million buxs instantly!!!!" sig lines?
  • Profile picture of the author Craig McPherson
    Years ago I vouched to never buy anything from an advertisement I saw on television cos I understand that that is what they want you to do.
    I prefer to buy something because I need it, not because they try to trigger an emotion in me.

    Same applies to any advertising I see. I use the sig line purely for the back link.
  • Profile picture of the author crunch
    What about the sig of your competitors, bet you check em out
  • Profile picture of the author Ephrils
    I'm blind to most signatures. I expect them to be there and they are, so I scroll to the next post. New members who haven't set up a sig stand out to me, strangely.
    • Profile picture of the author Kay King
      I click on quite a few signatures. Two reasons:

      1. The person made a really good post or is someone I know and trust.

      2. The post is so bad that I'm curious to see what the site looks like

  • Profile picture of the author d3sign3r
    I do click on signature links, especially if its a designer portfolio
    Just to see whats going on in the design market..
  • Profile picture of the author Marhelper
    If it piques my interest then I will usually have a look, there are a few that I respect so much that I will check out anything new that they are selling.
  • Profile picture of the author KirstyJ
    I always read them because I just can't help myself but I generally never click on them. Mostly they make me cringe!
  • Profile picture of the author Tom E
    It definitely depends on the quality of the post. If I read a post that impresses me, I usually look at the link.

    I have had tremendous success with my sigs on another forum, for a self-help product. Moderate success on this forum, but nothing to write home about yet
  • Profile picture of the author Nick Brighton
    I sometimes click on my own by mistake, because it's THAT good.

    Only kidding, I'm not here to pimp my sig line, but's pretty good isn't it?

    (Don't buy, don't buy, don't buy...)
  • Profile picture of the author rcraig12
    I think signatures just attract the sig police.
  • Profile picture of the author torrent
    I find myself almost always reading the signature lines, and often clicking on them to see how people are structuring their sales pages, writing headline copy, and producing testimonials.
  • Profile picture of the author gadget_man
    It generally depends on the poster, although I'll generally check interesting sounding links just to find out a little more. Probably the more successful the poster the more likely I'll check out their link.
    • Profile picture of the author Peter Bestel
      Definitely post and poster dependent.

      For me it is pure curiosity. I can't remember clicking a signature because of what the sig said, or whether it was bolded, or centred, or had funny ascii symbols - I'm almost completely oblivious to the copy of the signature - I just want to know what the interesting poster has to offer.

      Not much thought process is going on, I don't think. Just depends on interest level and time available.


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