Best Websites For Giveaway Event Listings?

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Hi Everyone, Sandy here...

In the past year or so I've been invited to contribute
one of my products to several giveaway events.

I've done that, and have done well with adding new subscribers,
sales from OTO offers, etc.

But, I'd like to be a contributer to as many of these
events as possible.

Does anyone have websites, or know who does, that
lists all of the present and upcoming giveaway events
that will be online now and in the near future?

Can you please list as many as possible in this thread?
I'm sure many other Warriors would benefit from this as well.

Thanks so much,
Sandy Hall

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    Please guys,

    I need some information here. Doesn't anyone know where
    I can find some sites which lists giveaway events?

    Appreciate it if you could supply.

    Thank you,

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