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I know time management is an important topic for IMers, so thought everyone would be interested in this.

Anyone interested in time management might have heard of Mark Forster. He created a system called Do It Tomorrow (or DIT). While not quite as well-known as Getting Things Done (or GTD), DIT has a lot of loyal fans, many of whom switched over from GTD.

Well, Mr. Forster has created a new time management system called Autofocus, that he believes works even better than DIT. And, after beta-testing the system, he's releasing the AF instructions for free on his website.

The Autofocus Time Management System

There's also a discussion forum where you can read how the system worked for the beta-testers.
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    Its a pretty interesting technique.

    I personally just go by my to do list and priortize my test according to what is most necessary in getting done first

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