Best seller infoproduct about "Making Money" of all time?

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Hi there,

I´m doing a research, about the most succesfull infoproducts on the making money niche.

Which one do you think of all the history of internet, has sold more units overall?

It can be any infoproduct about making money online, ebay, affilaite, etc... My goal is to study their sales letters and the evoultion over the time, so it can either be a products that was a best seller 10 years ago or last year.

But I´m looking into the ones that sold more units over the time, not jsut big launches of high ticket items that sold million in 2 days and then dissapear.

I will post my conclusions after the reasearch.

Thanks in advance,
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    anyone? pls
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    Carleton Sheets real estate course.
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      Joe Carbo, "The Lazy Man's Way To Riches" best-selling infoproduct of all time. The author made tens of millions of dollars using nothing but a tiny three-line ad, and it was nothing more than a simple philosophy.
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      Originally Posted by Michael Mayhew View Post

      Carleton Sheets real estate course.
      Thats probably correct, but Don Lapre's crap has to be a very close 2nd.

      Both of them worth jack squat of course.

      I don't think there is any 'online guru' course/product that would even produce a small fraction of the revenue that those 2 guys pulled in.
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      Originally Posted by Michael Mayhew View Post

      Carleton Sheets real estate course.
      qft...guy made more money from the course than he ever did flipping houses
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    Wow I don´t even knew this 2 existed!

    I tought maybe Googlecash or Auctionsecrets... but who really knows? haha

    What other online infoproducts do you think are all times best sellers?
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    This is a great question. I suspect the answers will be biased and based on who introduced you to the make money niche, and not be based in sales facts.

    To go a level deeper, for the make money ONLINE niche:

    I would nominate Jim Edward's and Yanik Silver's 33 Days To Online Profits as being a long-running product likely to sell many copies overall.

    I would also suggest looking into Ken Evoy's Site Build It, and The Rich Jerk's ebook.
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    Myob mentioned Joe Karbo's "Lazy Man's Way To Riches" book. I agree! Few comments of interest. Joe sold 800,000 copies of his book before he died--all by running ads in newspapers and magazines back in the 70's.

    But forget about sales numbers. It's Joe's ad! In my opinion, the advertisement for Joe's book was THE single best direct marketing advertisement ever written--bar none! Joe originated all of the techniques the gurus use today on their sales pages.

    I'm an old geezer and I've got stuff from way back when. There was a book out in the 70's by Jerry Buchanan titled the Writer's Utopia Formula Report (WUFR) that is a classic. Jerry is gone too but maybe you could find one on Amazon or eBay. Jerry documented Joe's success and his strategy. And here is the thing...

    Karbo wrote his entire one-page ad in one evening at his kitchen table. He started running the ad in newspapers BEFORE he had written his book! But the orders came flooding in so fast that he slapped a book together to live up to his promises. This is a huge, huge, huge, huge tip for you guys wanting to write your own ebooks out there.

    Before you write your book, take the time to write the world's most incredible pitch page for it. Really, write the ad first and make it unbelievable. Then, use the sales page as a blueprint to tell you exactly what the book must contain. Most people do this ass backwards.

    Even better tip. Before you write your ebook, make up three glowing testimonials for your book. Now wait, you won't actually use these--but write three great ones. Then sit back and read the testimonials. Ask yourself what your ebook would have to contain to make people give you testimonials like that. Again, fill your book with content that would do this.

    I have written extensively about this and this technique, which I call reverse engineering, and it works. Not only does it work--it is the only way to go.
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    I found Ewen Chia's "super affiliate", which came out some years ago to be probably the best guide to affiliate marketing I have read.
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      Could anyone really know what the most successful 'make money online' product ever was...without the need of a Non Disclosure? :-)

      I would assume getting this information would be extremely difficult, simply because only the author of said products are really going to know how many units of their best selling course/product/service was...and they're more then likely not going to let ANYONE know that! ;-)

      Just my $0.02
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    Ewan chia's 'Secret affiliate weapon'.

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