How do you make money without constantly writing articles question?

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This might be a "noobie" question, but for affiliate marketers that are starting out I've heard that 2 effective ways to getting traffics is article marketing and SEO. So I understand writing articles ands submitting them part, but as of SEO, even if you tried your best getting as much content, etc. in your website, wouldn't it be hard to get to the number one page of Google? I would imagine it would be hard to get to the 50th page on Google since there are a million pages on same niches... this is a little discouraging to me. I guess there isn't really question here; I just want your opinions.

Thank you
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    cloud chaser, what I do is look for keywords that only have a few people looking for them a day. Then I check to see if there are a lot of sites on Google competing for that keyword. If I don't see a lot of competition I will build a page using that keyword. I don't usually get more than 5 or 6 hits a day from each page, but if I can build a couple hundred of those pages I will have a nice amount of traffic per day. Of course it takes a while to get a couple of hundred pages done, but that is what I do.

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      It's all about knowing what you want to rank for.

      There are always long tail keywords that have decent search volume that should be fairly easy to rank for.

      When you build your links, use the keywords in your anchor text. Just because there are a million pages competing doesn't mean they're all optimized for those specific keywords.

      And if you have some money to spare, there's always PPC.
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    Articles and SEO are not your only options. Build a mailing list. Set up a site (or a page on your existing site) with a subscribe form on it and entice people to join your list by offering something useful that's free. Sign up with Aweber or GetResponse for a cheap monthly fee and build that list! That's what I primarily use article directories for - to drive targeted traffic to sign-up forms. Don't try to sell people your affiliate stuff right off the bat. Build a list, hit it with an email or two per week (not a good idea to slam your list more often than that unless you become a real "guru"). At first, ply them with freebies and/or just good solid information related to your niche. Gain their trust. Then start slipping in your affiliate links and other money-making vehicles. If I was starting all over again, that'd be how I'd do it. I can only imagine how much $$$ I'd be raking in every week now had I been serious about building my list when I first got started back in the mid-90s.

    Where's my head smacking hammer? Oh, there it is.

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      It can take a while to generate a significant income & traffic streams on the internet. Article mkt & SEO are just 2 ways of getting recognition and visitors to your site/blog.

      Once you get visitors, you still need a core product/service to sell (whether it's your own or an affiliate one) and issues such as website conversion/sales letter quality come into play.

      If you're starting out, try and create a plan of what you want to achieve and how you're going to do it. Keep reading, watching videos and learning about things that will help you to achieve your plan, and above all take action - all the time action...even when you're making mistakes, you're learning.
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