google retiring adsense for hosted domains???

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Anybody else get this email from google?

It says one of my undeveloped domains will not be able to earn from adsense because they arer cancelling their "hosted domain" product in adsense. Instead, undeveloped domains will "only be served through our existing adsense for domains distribution network".

So I won't be able to monetize with adsense anymore??? Then what is "existing adsense for domains"?

So confusing. And I'm in the middle of building my first MFA site LOL!

One less item on my list of to do's. On to product creation it is!

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    This is for parked domains only - Google has been moving away from showing parked domains in their search results, which are domains that have no content, and only display ads, for some time. That means those of us who have 30 or 40 domains sitting dormant will have to decide what we want to do with them

    It won't affect your MFA sites, as they are real websites that have been built out, have content, etc.
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    I read about that this that something major to be concerned about? lol...
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    I got the same message, and i checked my adsense account all 3 of my sites are effected. Im going crazy now because i dont know why. All 3 accounts are built up i work on them every day. I have lots of content so why is this eng me? I need help
    with this.
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    I'm having the same issue - my domains are developed and I work on them daily.

    However, they appear under:

    My ads >> Domains >> Hosted Domains

    How do I ensure these sites will still serve adsense ads after April 18th, 2012?
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    It's just for parked domains, and will not affect sites that are built out, hosted with Hostgator, GoDaddy, etc. I have been expecting this for a couple of months, since Google started essentially paying nothing for adsense clicks on parked domains - in fact, revenue on clicks on parked domains has been reversed every single time. And, as a business owner, I certainly understand the income being reversed on the parked domains. A lucky visitory here or there was not exactly a targeted visitor.One thing that I am curious about - what will you do with your parked domains? Park them with your host, where they will typically earn nothing, let them go, or work fast to build them out? I am leaning towards doing a fast build out, with some affiliate plugins, and trying to earn a little affiliate income with mine. Even though they may not rank with Google, they will rank with the other search engines for an exact match domain.
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    Deep breath worries
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    I got the message too, wondered what the heck...and then realized I no longer had the domains parked there!
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    Wow, thanks everyone for the heads up!
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    We had a number of people from our list contact us about this.

    So I created a short video explaining it.

    Bottom line: Not really anything to worry about for most people.
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    To be honest I think this is awesome, maybe will stop all the people from buying quality domains just to toss ads on them until they get someone who'll actually use the domain to pay thousands. Domain registrars do this too...i've tested it in the past, searched for the most random domain no one would ever search for and next day it was registered...i'm talking sejsogsgsogjnsgsk style domain, so good for Google, they get a +1 from me
  • Profile picture of the author jcfraggle one more question....In my "status", my two domains listed are marked as "Unverified" and it is written in red like this is a problem. How do I fix that?

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