Paypal Payment Reversal What to do ?

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I sell digital products online.

Every other day, Paypal opens a case for review and reverses the payment to the buyers.

When the first time, I received this type of email, I send all the details to Paypal with Transaction details and the proof that the file is accessed by the buyer. But still they reversed the payment to the buyer.

I keep getting atleast 1 reversal email every other day, Can you guys tell me, whats the proper solution to do, when I receive this type of emails.

Also, atfirst I thought the Case is brought out by the buyers who might not have liked the product, but actually when I read it thoroughly I came to know that the case is actually been opened by Paypal for investigation.

How do I respond to this type of investigation cases.

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    It looks like someone is purchasing from you with another persons account and paypal is reversing the charge, like a scammer just going through a list of accounts to see which one sticks. I would recommend calling them and emailing them if it is after hours. They are usually pretty good at handling strange circumstances that come up.
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    In these types of cases the best option is to call them. It might be happening if some buyer has unverified account, or got his account hacked.
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    It does my nut in when Paypal do this to me. Thankfully it doesn't happen too much anymore, but I did get a load of these when I first started.

    One other thought - is your paypal fully verified with proof of address etc submitted to paypal? If you've not made it fully clear to paypal that you are legit, it may be that they have a different set of filters they use.

    Another option that has worked for me in the past (after the buyer and myself both contacted paypal to say the transaction was ok, but paypal still refunded it anyway) is to contact the buyer and just ask them if they would like to attempt the purchase again. You might be surprised but some people will say 'yes, sure, I know I owe you the money...'
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    You need to call paypal and explain the situation(s)

    Let them know the products are digital, and the buyer received the download after paying.

    When this happens to me, they close it in my favor immediately as I'm on the phone with them.

    Some buyers are just out to scam you.. And paypal KNOWS this. So dont take that. Fight back. Like I said, CALL PAYPAL.

    You don't need the buyer to contact them. And chances are, once they have your product and filed the dispute, they think they are "home free" so they arent even going to reply to you.

    But people need to start understanding that paypal does not offer protection for digital products. If you can prove they got what they paid for, they don't get to keep the money & the product. Paypal will side with you every single time (again, as long as you can prove that they got what they purchased)

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