Have any WSO's ever made you money 24 hours after purchase

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Hey Warriors,

Just wondering If any of you have ever made money from a WSO withinn 24 hours after purchase. Or If not 24 hours, what was the fastest amount of time It took you to make money after purchasing a WSO.

Thanks Warriors,
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    Yes, I always make money in the first 24 hours. I would be worried if I didn't.

    The first 24 hours are the most important part of a WSO. If you don't make any money in those first 24 hours then it's going to be very hard to pick up the momentum.
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    Yup, normally I make the most money within the first 24 hours (or get the most subscribers when I offer a free wso).

    When it falls to 2nd & 3rd page, sales will slow down
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    Originally Posted by Young And Opulent View Post

    Some of y'all are misreading the question. He's not asking if you made any money selling a WSO. He's asking if you've made any money after buying and WSO and trying out the information. I doubt anyone will answer this question. Despite all the rave reviews you see in WSO threads, you never see anyone say that they've made any money.
    No, they didn't misread it. The OP wasn't able to phrase it properly, so it was a misleading question. The OP later edited the title and the original post.

    The title was: Have any WSO's made you money In 24 hours - just check the first 3 replies they have the original title

    As for answer: if any WSO promises something like that - they are lying. And anybody that expects to make money with a purchased WSO in 24 hrs... is naive (and I was very mild).
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    Hi Terry,

    I've only ever bought about a dozen wso's and most of them involved medium term work, which in turn meant The money would come later.

    But having said that, one in particular wso I bought for $7, was something I could action immediately if I wanted. So I did and within approx 6 hours, I'd made $90. Since then I've worked a bit more with it and made several hundred more.

    All the best
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    Well... not in my case. I've bought WSO's to improve my current business tasks and complete them quicker, not methods to make quick money.

    And sometimes I buy complete systems or business models. I stay away from those "fast money methods" that promise to make you money in a short period of time.

    However, I do recommend fast money methods to newbies. It's a good way to get some start-up capital which can be re-invested in real business models later.

    Stay away from "quick money methods" unless you just want to get some capital together to invest on a real business model.
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    Have not made any money on WSO's, Steve which one for 7.00 made you money...if you don't mind answering?
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    Originally Posted by Young And Opulent View Post

    Despite all the rave reviews you see in WSO threads, you never see anyone say that they've made any money.
    This is largely because of self-serving bias.

    When someone reads your WSO and likes what they read, they are perfectly willing to say you wrote an awesome WSO because they didn't do anything.

    But when they go and do something, any success is because they have succeeded, and any failure is because your WSO has failed.

    So when they make money, they don't go back to your WSO thread and say "I made money because of what I learned from your awesome WSO." They go to the main forum and say "I made money because I am awesome and oh by the way I'll be releasing a WSO all about it." :rolleyes:

    There's also the bare reality that most WSOs are by nature incomplete. You don't get a "business in a box" for $10 no matter what the sales copy says, so you have to add significant insight, skill, and determination to most WSOs before they actually become a working business model. By the time you've added what the WSO needs to generate money, it's not really the WSO doing the work. Most WSO-based successes are actually the result of several WSOs in combination.

    None of this is because WSOs are bad, or because people are horrible. It's just basic human psychology. If you want to teach people, you have to accept that they will only succeed because they are great students, and they will only fail because you are a crappy teacher. It goes with the territory.
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    Most wso's do require some time before you start seeing any sales from implementing the the process/system.

    If you are REALLY looking to make cash as fast as possible then I would say to focus on WSO's whose models are either based around offline marketing OR selling products or services on craigslist or other online classifieds sites.
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    I buy WSO's to gain knowledge and increase the revenue. Most of WSO's give ideas to earn money. If you have a list, you have a great chance to earn much with 24 hours.
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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    If you believe that people are morally obliged to contact the copyright owners for every warez link they've ever seen in their life then...well it's just not realistic, is it?
    Call it whatever you like - blackmail, extortion, obstruction of justice, or just plain being a dick. But I think you'll find that people are LEGALLY obliged not to demand money from the copyright owners if they make contact with them.
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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    Surprised at your reaction to this type of service.

    If someone found illegal links of a product and refused to give them without money, that's not blackmail. It's looking for a reward.
    And the reward would be a not-so-nice letter from a lawyer, a reporting to the police, and the strong possibility criminal prosecution.

    Yes - it's the exact same thing as the mugging.

    The illegal sharing of copyright material, is, well, illegal. By saying you know who they are, but you won't tell me unless money is handed over, is the exact same thing as my example above. A crime has been committed. You are reporting the crime to the victim, but not saying who committed the crime until money is changing hands.

    Now, Chris, you tell me again - that's just a "service" asking for a reward and it isn't immoral, illegal, and unethical.

    If you say it isn't, your views on immorality are completely screwed up.

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    It would actually be STUPID for you to start making money after 24 hours of purchasing the WSO. Not only may it require certain infrastructure that you may not have, but you need to thoroughly analyse it to make sure you're doing everything correctly before going into the marketing venture.
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    I got emails and pm's exactly like Rob described about 2 months ago, I think.

    Same pitch, .."hey, I found some pirate links to your products" For $90 I'll remove them" etc.
    They all got the idea from a wso that was running about that time. I was getting one pitch a day, for awhile....then I noticed the price was dropping, probably as they weren't getting many takers.
    All they were doing was sending a DMCA notice...for $90.
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    if you are trying to make money by implementing the WSO, 24 hrs is too short to decide about the effectiveness of the WSO. Anything less than a week, even though the WSO claims 24hrs, i would say is too little time to decide...
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    I never read any wso that made me money in 4 hours. actually.. the ones who promise that, probably wont make you any money at all..
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    Personally, I haven't made money within 24 hours after purchase -- but then again, I'm not buying money makers. Instead, I'm looking for the tools and resources I need to build my business. For example, I might purchase a report that will help me format and load a Kindle book. That's not going to put quick cash in my pocket, but it will help me build my business.

    However, I bet there are WSOs out there where it's possible to make money in 24 hours. For example:

    -- Certain types of freelancing
    -- Selling stuff on CraigsList
    -- Doing some local stuff (like mowing lawns, shoveling snow, painting numbers on curbs)

    Stuff like that.


    As for the second thread within the thread, regarding links...


    If someone emailed me about pirated links, I would think they had placed those links themselves. Kind of like the window repair folks who throw a brick through your window with a note attached, "need your windows fixed?"

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    It depends if you mean 24 hours 'real time' or 24 hours 'work time'.

    If it's the latter, then yes... I've had a good few WSO's that have made me some money within 24 hours of action taking.

    Unfortunately, although I was making money in the first 24 hours it probably was only a few dollars. But most WSO's are focused on long term things such as list building or building sites... Not many will be methods that you can see cash overnight.
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    Now we've strayed from the land of "fun debate" into personal attacks. Let's not get this thread nuked.
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    I generally tell people to stop chasing methods and put together a solid plan. Some people are good at creating niche sites and ranking them long term. Others are good at identifying trends and earning money short term.

    I'm not saying that all WSO's are bad. I do feel that a good percentage are way overhyped, though. But that's not to say there aren't a few really good ones. It's just a matter of finding a method that suits your style and putting a spin on it. And most of all, sticking with it.
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    I don't think there are many regardless of the promises, the headlines and the reviews.

    However, I purchased the viral facebook fan page creator (I am in no way affiliated with this but since there is more than one am posting the one I got)


    And within a few days, I made $600 from a client whom I never knew before who found me because his friend (whom I also did not know) forwarded the fanpage link.

    However, I would like to note, that I already had other business things in place to be able to make that much money from a single client.

    I also have used that same software to create other fan pages brand new and have made $19.90 from that.

    Other than that, there is no other WSO that has made me any money in a short period of time.

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