Is There More To A Server Error?

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I know very little about servers, and I was wondering if I was losing more than just visitors when my site went down and an error page came up?

I'm not talking about 15 minutes here, but half the day, or even all day.

Am I losing backlinks?

Am I losing rankings?

What happens if the bots come by and my site isn't there?

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    You certainly CAN! It depends how tolerant they are, and whether they hit your site when it is down. Anyone worth their salt EXPECTS your site to be down sometimes.
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      In other words it could be a bigger deal than I expect?

      I'm also noticing this:

      Sometimes when I am able to view my site, and do whatever I need to do, others get an error page when trying to visit my site. In the opposite sense, there has been a recent occasion where I could not even get into my cPanel, but others could view my site just fine. I don't understand how this is possible but it has happened a few times as I am aware.


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