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If you belong to eBay's EPN then you need to read this.

http://forums.ebay.com/db2/thread.jspa?threadID=520001583&tstart=0&mod=121936 2646807

I don't know what is going on with eBay but things certainly are going down hill fast.

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    I did not intend to spend so much time but I spent almost an hour reading all of those posts. It's just unbelievable.

    Every other day I hear about some other incredibly stupid policy that eBay comes up with. Why the hell would they want to ban so many of their affiliates?

    They are banning many of their top affiliates. These people, who are really good at promoting affiliate programs, will now send traffic to Amazon or some other program.


    I think I'm just about done with eBay.
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    Thanks for the heads up Rhonda.

    I survived the chop this time, but...I've never seen anything so scandalous in affiliate marketing.

    Each time I have mentioned that it appears that they are basically closing down their affiliate program (in various forums) I've had tin foil hat accusations.

    That's really made my day (not).
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      I was always wondering who are the "strategists" at these giant .coms!?

      Strange strategies and tactics are coming all the time...

      Are these policies supposed to be profitable :confused:
      I have no idea how this would benefit them on the long or/and short run?!

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    moodykitty - consider starting an LLC and signing up the LLC for EPN.

    This is one of the big problems with affiliate marketing - at any time you can get booted or the program can simply close down. It's happened to me a few times with smaller programs where all of a sudden the merchant either goes out of business or closes the affiliate program. It stinks especially if you've spent a lot of time promoting the pages those links are on.

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      If you are an eBay affiliate and want a good chuckle before it get removed check this out it's the 5th posting on the thread.

      eBay Forums: The answer we've all been wanting (From ...

      LOL i nearly P***** my Pants...

      eBay is going down hill i haven't got my e-mail yet but i'm sure it's in the post maybe. It seems it is eBay who dose not know what affiliate marketing is, they may be big in the online auction business. But lack the knowledge of how affiliate marketing operates..Guess they are lossing too much money!!!
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      Originally Posted by cashcow View Post

      moodykitty - consider starting an LLC and signing up the LLC for EPN.

      Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I learned a long time ago to diversify so I'll be ok but some of the others....

      Lee an LLC is a good option but at this point I don't even know if I want to pursue it.

      I did sign up for pepperjam but I doubt ebay is approving anyone over there at the moment.

      I could try having someone else sign up for me though.

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