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Hi, being very new to the business I am wondering if I should list prices on my website in US$ or EURO.
I am starting a membership site that focuses on an international public. The site will be completely in English. All sites I have seen have their prices in US$. For me being from Europe this would mean that my income is influenced by the exchange rates. On the other had I am afraid that when I would use EURO prices a lot of potential customers will not sign up.

What are your thoughts about this.

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    We are from Australia but we use US dollars as most people seem comfortable with it. We have had a few Australian Santa Letter clients knowing we are an Australian site, get a bit peeved with the US dollars, but we always give them the alternative of sending us a cheque. That way, they feel as though they have a choice!

    Depending on the rate of exchange, we can sometimes make a few dollars more. Always a nice thing!

    If it is going to be international, you might be better with US dollars
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    If you use 2Checkout, your customers will
    have the ability to choose the currency.

    The US Dollar is certainly becoming the
    standard online currency of choice.

    However, giving people the option to use
    their local currency will almost certainly
    increase your sales conversion rate.

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      If you sell though ClickBank, you set the price in US$ but when a customer clicks through to the order form, ClickBank show the price in their local currency.

      I quite like that they now do this - and despite initial worries that it may harm conversions, it doesn't appear to (for me, at least.)

      However, it would be quite good (perhaps - worth testing anyway) to show the price in local currency on the sales page as well. Does anyone know of a script that can geo-locate the visitor and perform a conversion on the fly?

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    The answer is simple: do niche/market research.

    Basically, check out your competion sites and see what market/audience/currency they are using and go with your well researched currency .
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    Pople who buy online prefer the price to be in USD, at least me and few of my friends

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