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Hi Everyone,

I have a degree in Marketing and over 6 years experience in the field. I'm currently unemployed and have been looking for a new position in the field industry is not important. I do want to stay in San Diego. This is where I am in need of some experienced Internet Marketing advice. My marketing experience is traditional Print Media/Tradeshows/Events/Research Focus Groups/Product development. Well, that is not enough anymore. 99.9% of the Marketing related positions require Internet Marketing experience and Website design or updating. I don't have time to go back to school and the employers are looking for experience not schooling. Not to mention I need a job Now. Any advice would be appreciated. I have an interview tomorrow and I'm great with people/terrific computer skills -minus-Internet Marketing or Graphics. It is though the companies are cutting jobs and expect the Marketing Coordinator to be a Liason/Marketer/and Graphic Designer. Even if I could through out some termanology to get myself through this intervieww while I acquire some actual knowledge. Please help.

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    I am not sure what you are asking- forgive me for misunderstanding. You say you have traditional print media/Tradeshows/Events/Research Focus Groups/Product development.
    You then say that it is not enough anymore and companies want Internet Marketing experience, website design, updating.
    Then you say later you are great with people computer skills-Internet Marketing, graphics.

    Do you have IM experience like website design etc.?

    The terms you are using are understandable, I just can't figure out what you do and don't have.

    Sounds like you have a good base for IM experience for companies as well as online(for yourself).

    Just a little more help or clarification--then the answers may come for you. Maybe not in time for tomorrow's interview, but certainly for anything to come after.
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      If I were you I'd spend a bunch of time researching internet marketing trends on Google.

      Get yourself acquainted with the main trends - especially social media and social networking since those are the newest kids on the block for most companies. The other huge hot button is "buzz marketing" or how to create viral buzz via the internet.

      These are the things I would be educating myself on if I were you.

      Good luck,

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