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I've not been on for a while and it's changed so much.

Does anyone know how many articles you need to be allowed to write elite articles, and how much the new payments are for each word length?

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    Payment is very low.

    $1.62 for 300 words, $2.43 for 500 words and $4.05 for 700 words.

    Payments can be weekly or biweekly, etc.

    I can't remember how many you have to write to be elite, but however many it is, the vast majority of people could make more money elsewhere.
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    You need around 20-some articles to be able to get more than $3/article I believe (for 500 words, that is). Some people even past that feedback accept $3 gigs. The fact of the matter is, you won't become rich from iWriter. If you're an extremely good writer, there's Constant-Content. If you do become reputable on iWriter though you can bring some decent cash in - it's all about reputation and then you'll start making somewhere around $7-10/article, even a little past $15 at some point I believe.
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    You have to get feedback from 30 gigs to get upgraded. 4 or more stars makes you a premium writer and 4.6 or higher makes you elite.

    For a 500 word article you will get $2.43 as a normal writer, $4.05 as a premium writer, and $6.48 as an elite writer. I see a bit of variation sometimes so I think people can offer to pay more than the minimum per article. You can also get tips if someone really likes your work.
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    very low income
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    Be advised that the Premium and Elite articles are not always worth their prices as the client can be extremely demanding. The rejection rate is also high, which means you are highly likely to get knocked back down to a Basic writer if you aren't careful. There are clients who want a 5000 word ebook PLUS a squeeze page, all of which has to be done within a 5 hour time frame-IMPOSSIBLE if it is to be of high quality.

    If you do become a Premium or Elite writer, try and stick with topics you're comfortable with and don't look for the highest paying gigs. Clients will reject you with the quickness and it takes a lot to build your rank back up. As resellcells mentioned, Constant Content is the business if you're an extremely good writer. You don't have write yourself ragged to reach a certain status just to see that it is not all what it seems.
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    I don't think this site is made to generate realistic income for any person in the USA. You just can't make enough creating quality articles being paid the low amount they pay unless you live off McDonalds and Raman... It was created for people in countries where teachers make $6 a week... If you are in the USA, you are supposed to use this service because it is very cheap, and tweak the articles to create better quality articles, as every article I ever bought on there needed to be modified so it sounds normal, not the best quality, but cheap and a good start.
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    Hello everyone,

    fin - There are several good points in this thread:

    AmandaT is correct on how much you have to produce in order to become an Elite writer. It's all based on your feedback and having at least 30 feedback comments. < 4.0 is Basic, 4.0-4.599 is Premium, 4.6-5.0 is Elite, with varying increases in pay. Additionally, clients can specifically request certain writers, leading to more pay for that writer (something like 86% of the total fee goes to the writer in special request instances, etc.)

    Elluminati also brings up a good point regarding how you have to be selective in choosing clients to write for; some clients are reasonable in their requirements, but some of them are not. In addition, some of their instructions are not clear, so you should make sure about their requirements before you agree to do the article. In addition, it does take time to build your reputation back up if you get one bad grade, especially when you are first starting out.

    I had been working on iWriter for a while ("jcwriter1" is my username), and have picked up one loyal client, along with some regular work from a few others, but lately moved away from it for three main reasons:

    1. Working on other projects, including Internet marketing, writing elsewhere (including Constant-Content), and niche marketing.

    2. IWriter changed the submittal page where the text is always messed up whenever you copy and paste, even from Notepad, which shouldn't affect the text, but it does. That calls for additional formatting, which takes additional time to do, thereby decreasing your pay per minute and hour.

    3. Perhaps the most annoying thing, and this happened this morning when I worked for the loyal client I mentioned earlier, I submitted a quality article through the iWriter interface, and it was rejected by Copyscape because it had a 3.43% duplication factor. What were the words that Copyscape picked up on? Essentially, the keywords that the client wanted in her article (online savings accounts), as well as related keywords (APY, Annual Percentage Yield, opening an account, etc.).

    It's annoying to me because there were, at most, 10 words that may have been duplicated, and those words were all necessary in the article. Additionally, 3.43% is very, very low - iWriter's Copyscape checks never caused a problem before they went to the new graphics and design 1-2 months back. Additionally, you get charged each time your article "fails" Copyscape - it's only $.10, granted, but still, it gets annoying when you work hard on an article only to have it come back labelled as "duplicated" content.

    Additionally, if you have three instances of Copyscape rejecting your article, your account is suspended until iWriter manually investigates your account and reinstates you. For the record, I haven't had that happen to me, thankfully, but that is reportedly the procedure if that occurs.

    For all of those reasons, I haven't been working on iWriter as much lately. If those conditions above were addressed, I'd consider going back to it on a part-time basis, but as others have mentioned, you can likely make more money in other ways. IWriter's best feature might be to build up a loyal client base, then work with them exclusively through iWriter and off of iWriter.

    Hopefully, this was helpful.

    Please take care and have a great day!

    Joe Chengery III
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    well it maybe poor income... but pays off...
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    WOW these are super low rates. I think you are better off offering your services here and on other forums!
    Even better offering your writing skills on fiverr!
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    Originally Posted by fin View Post

    I've not been on for a while and it's changed so much.

    Does anyone know how many articles you need to be allowed to write elite articles, and how much the new payments are for each word length?

    Login to your iWriter account, and then just simply hover your cursor over the stars at the top of your screen.
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    I regularly write for
    I like the site and the ease and feel of writing there. Payments are about the same, though.
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    I started a couple of weeks ago and I've made a couple of dollars using it, just writing some short things. It's good and some people make a killer off it.
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    just like anything in life you get back what you put in. I just started writing for iwriter you are had a request from the client after writing just one article. If you are a good writer clients will notice and the money will follow...
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    I use that site when the work flow is less. I'm a premium writer there, and I believe the rates are decent enough for me.
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    I just had some articles written on iwriter, granted I paid $3 for 500 words, but the text was embarrassing... couldn't even figure out what it meant!
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    Originally Posted by fin View Post

    I've not been on for a while and it's changed so much.

    Does anyone know how many articles you need to be allowed to write elite articles, and how much the new payments are for each word length?


    You need to have 3.6 and above rating with at least 30 reviews.

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