Getting my book Printed and CD burned and shipped together

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Hi All,

Wonder if anyone could help me with this one?.

I have a book that I was getting printed on lulu . com and sending out to when purchased, I have now created a CD rom video to go with the book but lulu is unable to ship them together.

Does anyone know a reliable website that I can get my book and cd printed on demand and shipped together at a low cost with no mass stock printed up front?.

Thanks and Regards
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    O-Ya! Your going to love me for this!

    Go to:

    I cant believe there prices but you can trust them... There great!

    • Profile picture of the author joecool1972
      Hi have heard nothing but great things about Kunaki and I plan to be using them myself soon; however, do they deal with books as well? I thought it was just DVD's and CD's, hence Paul's stuff would still have to be shipped seperately.

      Please tell me I am wrong, because if they do deal with books. My life just got a whole lot easier.
  • Profile picture of the author Tim Franklin
    Sadly they only do CD and DVD media, so the book thing is out, but you can get Amazon to do the book, I have not heard about amazon doing CDs and DVDs, They do have a deal with a company that will do that.

    But again two different companies.

    Interesting, concept, Now you could have the two made then shipped by Amazon Fulfillment,

    That is one way to do it, but it would require some upfront costs for stock.

    Just a few thoughts, One thing I have learned about Amazon is that if there is a buck or two to be made providing a service they will do it, I think though in this instance, CD and DVD services, would be something they would not want to do since they work with so many distributers, which is why I believe they sub contract all the Cd stuff now,

    If you do find something be sure to let us know.
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    Yeah lulu looks as though it would be a good service but it won't look very professional to customers when they receive two different packages at two different times, not to mention the support issues of "i only got half my order!"

    Kevin - Thanks i'll check this one out!


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