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Which one should I go with? I have a training book that tells me about clickbank and helps me go through training, but I also then hear amazon has great conversion rates? Any ideas warriors?
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    it will depend on your site you are going to build. but personally I'll vote for clickbank
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    Well, you could probably go with both?

    With Amazon you need to have a site first to get accepted as an affiliate, with Clickbank you don't.

    I guess I would go with Amazon, it's real useful products, while clickbank has lots of crappy stuff on it. But I guess once you know how to promote one, you know how to promote the other too.
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    Do you want to sell digital products or physical ones?

    What are you helping your buyers with?

    Personally, I feel that Amazon is much easier than Clickbank especially for a newbie. But it really depends on what your site is about.
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    It will depend on a few factors, including your niche. But first try clickbank
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    I got accepted into Amazon and I was going to go with physical products.
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    You can do both with the same approach, and perhaps in a multi-product niche it'd be a good thing to try? A bit of choice never hurts. There may be a number of customers who just flat-out refuse to buy through Clickbank for one reason or another, but almost nobody hesitates to deal with Amazon.

    Why rule Amazon out if there are suitable products on offer anyway?

    Plus, as you mention, Amazon tends to convert really well and customers will frequently buy random stuff from which you'll also earn a commission.

    One slight drawback is that whereas Clickbank transacts in one's local currency, Amazon doesn't, and tangible products shipped internationally often incur expensive packaging charges and customs/import duties and so on. So, if possible, you might want to look at using a link localiser. But be mindful of the fact that Amazon has a pretty low cap on commissions in some markets.
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    As already mentioned here, you may want to consider Amazon (for physical) and Clickbank (for digital) products depending on your niche and which part of the world you are in.

    I have been doing Amazon in a certain niche and it has slowly picked up after some time. Everyone knows and trusts Amazon so the credibility is there. However, since the commissions are lower you need to do lots of volume to make some good money.
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    I have both and I prefer amazon. Basically, that is one super company. Also, they'd always paying me on time -well, so far anyway. Most of my partners also use them - amazon. This is one that I rec. Click bank has a lot of products that are very p-poor. If Google is the king, then amazon is queen. Sadly, FEE bay is not growing, but amazon is. There is a reason.
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    Originally Posted by flatbro94 View Post

    Which one should I go with? I have a training book that tells me about clickbank and helps me go through training, but I also then hear amazon has great conversion rates? Any ideas warriors?
    It really depends what niche market you are in and the kind of stuff you will be promoting. There are some niche markets that will lend themselves to promoting digital and physical products while some will just fit into one of the other. The first thing you will need to do is decide what niche market you want to work in (dating, video games, weight loss, make money, learn Spanish...)

    Conversion rates vary from marketer to marketer (and product to product). There are a number of factors involved, but knowing how to connect with your audience is crucial. That said, conversion rates for Amazon tend to be really good (when you know what you're doing) because people trust it -- built-in trust factor. I shop there all the time.

    Good luck,
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    If you are still starting, I recommend Amazon

    because you will get commission even if your visitor buys something else (not the product you promote) as your amazon ref id will be saved in your visitors's cookies. so amazon is good to go!
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    I'm making the most money with Amazon at this moment. However if you want to make a lot of money, i would suggest you start with digital products like Clickbank, etc...
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    Try one first and then the other. They are different platforms with different types of products and you will become more successful the more platforms you understand.

    I think physical products are much easier to sell than digital ones myself. (so I say amazon first)
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    Amazon is the best in my opinion because is offering much more than Clickbank. But you should have 2 webs (domain names), one as Amazon affiliate and one as Clickbank affiliate. This way you have various streams of income by targeting different potential buyers. A smart play is by using your Amazon in a creative way and take the benefits of seasonal items (ex: Holiday's Season for related items...).
    All the best, but beware there is no "get rich fast" alternative, you must work: start by learning very well to be sure you know what you are doing, have a plan and be focus and organized.
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    Clickbank. You'll earn higher commissions, plus these sites are proven to convert. You wont get access to the customer name (same with Amazon), but it can definitely earn you some nice cash on a weekly basis.
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    You should try testing each out for yourself and see which one you prefer -- both have their advantages and disadvantages. It seems to me that most people tend to refer individuals to Clickbank when first starting out with affiliate marketing, but it ultimately remains your choice.
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    Agreed both it is then! Cya later gonna go find some products to promote and find some good keywords go after and ill then report back and tell you what I get.
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    I have to say Amazon. They are one massive company and as such are far more reputable than Clickbank. Many people already trust Amazon and so if you can get them to Amazon there is also a good chance that they will purchase many products other than the ones you're promoting on your website ... which of course will add to your commissions.

    If you find the right niche and have some good quality content on your website, then you can definitely make a killing on Amazon.
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    I have found my first keyword, but I'm not gonna say and its an Amazon product. It looks promising, but its for a 1 product site only. Should I go for it?
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    If you're creating a site which promotes multiple products within the same niche, why not go for both, Amazon for physical products - and Clickbank if there are any digital products which are relevant for the niche you're targeting? And don't forget about other physical product affiliate networks such as eBay partners & commission junction.

    By the way, I disagree completely with the couple of replies about clickbank being bad & having poor products etc - clickbank is fantastic for digital products, yes of course there are some poor digital products on CB, (there are some poor physical products on Amazon too) but on CB you can get a good idea about the quality of the product from the sales page, and from it's gravity on marketplace stats, and google "clickbank refund rate calculator" to find out the refund rate of a product, to check it's not garbage.

    The main negative with Amazon - and other physical affiliate sites in comparison to clickbank, is the commission - the commission is roughly ten times less than clickbank - with clickbank you're looking at 50% or more usually, with Amazon you're looking at about 5%, and a max of 8.5% (and you have to hit some steep sales targets to get to that).

    So it would seem a bit daft to me, not to get some clickbank products in there too if you can.

    What I do really like about Amazon and the other physical product affiliate networks though, is they allow you to target product area's where there is a huge demand, and sometimes you can find great niches with products that are in great demand & there isn't tonnes of competition.

    The best digital products to promote, are those that there is a demand for, obviously - and it's the same with physical products too - but because so many affiliates promote clickbank products, what this means is that most of the products that there is a demand for, and a Google search volume for - there is a lot of competition for too. So the better clickbank products can be harder to promote. With physical products though there is often less online competition, especially if you're careful with the kind of products you promote, and go off the beaten track a bit instead of promoting the most obvious products.

    I promote some physical products that most people reading this will never of heard of, and I hadn't either in some cases until I researched them, but that doesn't mean there's no demand for them, the great physical products to promote are those that there is demand for within very specialist markets, it takes some research but they're out there.

    So I do love physical products too - but don't dismiss clickbank, some great money to be made there if there are clickbank products which are relevant to the niche.



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