The 'Hushed Up' Truth About Ezine Advertising...

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Here is the 'hushed up' truth about ezine advertising: most of it is pretty ineffective in terms of generating quality traffic and getting sales. Why is that so? This is because most ezines are concerned with one thing - selling ads to advertisers like you and me. When they overdo it, the ezine becomes saturated with too many ads and they become ineffective as a result.

But can some ezine marketing work? Yes, it is possible for you to have profitable ezine advertising campaigns! The secret is in finding the right ezines to advertise in. And once you have found them, you want to advertise in them until they no longer become profitable for you.

I'm often asked what are the steps I take to get massive traffic from paid advertising, and here is how I do it with ezines. There is a lot of testing involved, but it will be worth it. And you'll have a steady source of traffic for a long time to come.

Step 1 - Go To Directory Of Ezines

Go to Directory Of Ezines dot com and browse through their library of ezines that accept ads.

Step 2 - Search For Your Niche Topic

Search for you niche topic using the advanced search engine. Look for ezines that have a large subscriber base.

Step 3 - Sign Up For Ezines

Sign up for those ezines that appeal to you. Keep track of how, when and how often they send out emails.

Step 4 - Choose Ezines To Advertise In

Choose the ezines that suit your offer and buy a solo ad in the ezine. This is the most effective kind of ezine ad there is. The owner will blast out an email to his subscribers that only talks about your offer.

Step 5 - Create Your Ad Copy

Create short, snappy ad copy that is benefit laden. Then submit it to the publisher.

Step 6 - Track Your Results

Track your results to see how well your ad does after it runs.

Step 7 - Advertise Again

Advertise again in the same ezine if you are satisfied with the results. Keep on finding new ezines to advertise in and keep on advertising in your winners.

This is by no means a complete rundown of ezine advertising, but it will get you started.

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    Hi Fabian,
    Thanks for sharing ...
    I haven't used Ezine advertising for quite some time now but I have used it in the past to build my list.
    One great way to do that is to give away a free report targeted to your audience - the readers of the ezine you happen to advertise in. Obviously once you have them on your list, you can follow up and recommend products that they might be interested in.
    You won't make money immediately with this particular strategy but you can make this pay off in the long-term.
    All the best,

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