Would you rather have hired a psychologist than a marketer to do marketing for your business?

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This is something that I have noticed for a long time now here in Norway, but I don't know if this have been popular in other countries too.

The companies hires more often psychologists to do marketing for their companies than ordinary marketers. I understand that phsychologists may understand the customers mindset better than the ordinary marketers, but are they as creative as ordinary marketers? (Something that's proved that people who have a high theoretical education has less of than those who don't have it).

What's your thoughts around this? Are psychologists "better" marketers than those who are educated marketers?
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    Great marketers understand consumer psychology.
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      Originally Posted by healthseocontent View Post

      Great marketers understand consumer psychology.
      You're right there! But would you rather hire a psychologist than someone with a marketing degree?
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    You want a top marketer.

    A top marketer can tell you exactly why people buy why what they do/when they do/where they do.

    a physcologist usually can't pin point it as they never really sell anything. However the marketer knows how to sell, where to sell, why to sell. He knows the buyer inside out.
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    A degree doesn't matter. Field experience is what matters to me.
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    I've gotten far more usable info from psychology books than marketing books.

    But.. the best marketing books, imo, use psychological experiments to prove their points.
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    paper cert, degree, Phd, master (whatever).. I'm not interested (no offence to those who have those) .. experiences is what matters to me!

    Today, the world is filled with people who scored straight A(s) in school but have no idea what they are doing when they entered society..

    So to answer your questions: It really depends..
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    If the question had been...

    Are marketers "better" psychologists than those who are educated psychologists?

    how would you react?

    You can't practice as a psychologist with a marketing degree.
    However, I know some psychologists who have incredibly
    successful businesses because they have mastered marketing.

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    Like people before me said great marketer must be at least good psychologist to understund what people loking.
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    I would hire a marketer.
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    A good marketer is always one who understands buyer psychology. I would always hire a marketer with good track record of success because I know he will be able to deliver results. A good psychologist may not (note: may not) necessarily know how to sell although he knows the logic behind selling. A good marketer would already have field experience, and this is important.
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      Everyone that I know, which is not that many BTW, who has formally studied marketing tells me that most of what they learn is basically psychology targeted towards selling or otherwise promoting. Most of the marketing training I have found online is the same.

      Anyone who is in a position to hire someone to market there product or site or whatever is probably already knows a whole lot about who to look for to carry out their marketing for them. So perhaps if the question where "do you" rather then "would you" we could find out from those with experience in the field. One the other hand would we get any answers at all.

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