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The way Internet Marketing Industry is shaping up it really becomes very difficult to stick to one niche and let the profits of the other niches go by.

I remember that I started of my Internet Marketing career by accident. It was around 6 years ago was doing a reasonable job in one of the best Telecom Company but started off writing a few articles and then it kinda grew from there.

Now I can say I have a network of websites & Blogs on all sort of niches aprox. over 100. Though am not managing all by myself have a team of hardworking individuals who take care of that.

So was wonding how did you guys came and became part of this rapidly chaning and growing industry , how many websites you own and which niche ???????

Cheers // Tirmizi
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    I was swept into the flood waters of Internet Marketing a few years ago. I tried everybody's products to be an affiliate with. I bought so many ebooks to learn "everyting" I needed to know. Then I realized I was just spinning my wheels. In none of those circumstances did I actually LOVE how I was spending my time - let alone how I spent day after day...

    Then, I setteled on one niche. I am the happiest person ever. I finally have hope and desire. I don't feel like I am "lying" to people anymore. I am doing what I love, and what I am good at.

    And for those reasons, that is how and why I can focus on one niche and one niche only.
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      I also try many niches,but most of them not succeed.Now I only focos with article marketing,I create my own product and focos on it.
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    Originally Posted by Tirmizi View Post

    So was wonding how did you guys came and became part of this rapidly chaning and growing industry , how many websites you own and which niche ???????
    Alot in both cases. When I target niches, build a network of sites around it and then start to drive traffic to them and move on once it is up and running.

    Typically, I will start with a broad niche site and then start to create little sub niche sites around it.
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      My websites revolve around things I love... most of them are hobby sites:

      Anime, Online Gaming- a wiki to be more precise, owned a website-based game once...I still own it and the domain, just need some more work on it. Luckily a year of testing proved it can bring in money and be very successfull. Art and then my personal site.... which touches base on my online persona I created... I love writing so that is what my main site focused on- telling a story.

      Oh, and I own several sites that have nothing on will be launched into the business world in about 4-6 month's time and the other is just a IM blog really

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