Perceived Value in a Physical Delivery Digital Product

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There have been lots of conversations about perceived value. This is another one of sorts.

I realize that the factors vary, but I wanted to get some input. In IM, and in a number of other niches, there is the desire for instant gratification, which makes sense. I pay with my credit card or paypal account, and I can access the product NOW (or in minutes).

If you decide to provide your product as a physical media product (such as on CDs or DVDs) Which is likely to carry a higher perceived value:

1 DVD with audio, video and documents


4 CD Set (1 Audio CD, 2 CDs of videos and a CD containing the documents)

On the one hand, physical delivery of one DVD is more cost effective, but would the 4 CD set tend to command a higher or lower perceived value than the 1 DVD?

My GUT reaction would be that the CD bundle carries more perceived value, and here are my thoughts as to why.
  1. More Stuff
    Lets face it, the more "stuff" most people receive for their dollar, the happier many are. If you spend $20 on a DVD, that's a $20 DVD. If you spend $20 on a 4 CD set, that's $5 per disc, "what a bargain" can come to mind
  2. More Options
    With a DVD you pretty much need a computer, unless its all DVD video, in which case you can use a computer or DVD player. With an Audio CD as part of the package, you can throw it in the CD Player in your car, watch the VCD (Video CD) On your Computer or most DVD Players, and of course the documents on CD will still require the computer. But ALL of them can be used on your computer, some can be used elsewhere too.
  3. Variety
    While it might be less convenient to have to switch between discs, a lot of people like to have something to do. Switching discs is a small thing, but it's something. Likewise the fact that they can take the audio CD with them somewhere else (like the car) means they can get out to other environments, which means they may be able to get use out of it in more places.

I'm interested in knowing what other people think, and I realize the answer will vary from product to product.

[Comment: Hmmm... I'd thought it'd be a good start to a conversation. I guess so far no one has any thoughts to add?]
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    Any of what you commented on can be true. Perceived value is in the eye of the beholder. One other advantage to a physical product priced between, let's say, $19 to $29, is that you will have fewer returns from a guarantee, simply because people will not want to inconvenience themselves for twenty, thirty bucks (or less) and return it. With downloads, a refund request is far too convenient and I would never offer one. My 2 cents.
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    I would choose using DVD over the VCDs.

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