Can you really make money on line?

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It seems to me that the biggest problem to over come is exposure. Build a web site and find yourself on Google page 3,445,681. Who will ever ftnd you or your offer there?

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    Hmm..have you tried building a site for less competitive keywords? You can rank better for long tails keywords than one wordkeywords.
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    Hi Gerrie,

    You are right, sort of. First of all, not everyone uses Google to do their searches, so don't let anyone tell you different. However, you can employ the simplest of SEO strategies and start to climb the ranks nicely.

    You can make money without worrying about search engine results, too. For example, you can write tons of articles and submit them And have the resource box point to an affiliate page. (On EZA it will have to be your own URL, but you can promote affiliate products on your site). People have made a lot of money this way.

    You can also offer a WSO right here at the forum. I would recommend building a good reputation first though, as it will help sales.

    Offering services is another way you can make money without relying heavily on search engine results.

    So, you can do things to rank higher, but at the same time you can do things without concern for those same rankings.

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      Yes you can make money online... BUT (and it's a big one!) you have to do it right.

      For example: personally I would never try using SEO as a traffic strategy in the "Weight loss" niche or the "make money" niche... billions of competitors out there.

      I would, however use it in a less combative marketplace.

      What I would do (and did) would be to try to interview other IMers in the market and drive traffic through joint ventures.

      This is a great WF link for that:

      Your success and ability to make money all depends on your strategy. Some folks are great with SEO and can slash through mad competition with ease... me? I'm good at it but just don't feel like taking the time.

      So I use different strategies.

      Find out what works and use it. Make sure you ask questions, and when you fail (which WILL happen) don't give up or look at it as a "failure"... instead try to figure out WHY it failed modify your approach and keep going.

      At the end of it all you'll come out on top. But that's only if you don't give up.

      FYI: Got my Mass Control Monthly box last night... great little yellow letter in there. Stock story but good to read none the less.
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    For me, I have decided that if I get listed on the first page of Google - that's great. But it is not my goal.

    I have so many other things to do to make my site GREAT, I sure don't have the time to make sure I get all the SEO done correctly. Sure, I will use my keywords, but I am not going to make it a priority. Like Michael had said - there are many other ways to get customers to your site.

    If you really want to learn about it - check out "Bum Marketing Method". It WILL get you listed on the first page of Google if you do it right. Plus, it is easy to boot. It worked for me on several occasions when I was doing stuff that I really didn't "love". I was just trying to make a buck. (But, hey, that's how a lot of us start out - right?!)

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