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Hey Warriors,

I realize that most everyone in here is Making Millions of Dollars and
living at the beach :p...there are those who still need to work a full time job and may be out of employment or looking to change careers as they get their online business moving.

Not to mention this is proving to become a niche market that is in demand.

Here are some tips that you may want to employ. I implemented this test
about 2-3 months ago and have seen great results. I am a consultant and had to conduct research for the Human Resources department of a Recruiting firm to determine the effectiveness of Multi-Media Video Resumes.

Now, this method of the video resume was a break from the traditional face in front of the camera and was geared towards the Senior Level Offline Marketing Sector. This video directed Recruiters and hiring managers to a blog in which they could view an online CV.

Not only does this format get results and gain a competitive edge against other candidates it sets you apart.

-Create a Video
-Use Keyword Specifics in the Video Description.
-Create a Blog with your Resume (It's Free and Easy)
and add links to Any Portfolio You May Have and include it in your resume.
-Include you Blog Address on all the Resume's You send out
-Include your Blog Address in all your Sig Files on your email.
-Make sure that you use quotation marks for all online resumes
you upload to career sites so that thy can be queried by recruiters
-Include long tail keywords on your Blog Site.

I added this to YouTube with selected keywords specific to Integrated Marketing (IMC) and received over 900 views in one month with nothing more than applying for a few key jobs. I had to pull the video off of YouTube due to an overwhelming response.

My linkedin connections went from 48 to over 500 in less than 2 months.

I had received 12 job offers of which I interviewed with 3 and got the jobs in which I secured more work than I could handle.

For any of you who are looking to secure a new job or change careers or even increase your business here this is an example and hopefully helps spark idea's

Cheers Sean

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    Positively brilliant, Sean!

    I've only just started experimenting with video
    (so I'm extremely jealous of your talent!), and
    never would have thought to create a video CV

    This would be a great service for someone to
    offer, as well - you know, for those of us who
    are a little less technically inclined :p

    Thanks for the idea, and congratulations on your
    success with it!

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