Fellow Warriors, post your lenses!

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What we need is a library of useful lenses for all Warriors, new and old to look at.

I also think it would be great to have a ton of resources in one place.

I'll start with my lens. It provides some useful information for anyone who wants to get into the working at home business, or wants to learn more about it.

Working at Home

That's my lens. What lenses do you Warriors have?
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    I missed something. WHY? do we need of everyones lenses?

    Some of us have hundreds - should we list them all here? what would that do?
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      Well okay. I'll be more specific.

      Post your favorite lens. Just post one lens that you really want to share with everyone.

      What I'm aiming for is a cross section of different niches across the board. Different Warriors could look through these posts and find a lens that interests them.

      If you have hundreds of lenses, that's fine. I'm only looking for one of them.

      That should clear things up.

      - Kyle

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