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Profile picture of the author howto by howto Posted: 03/10/2012
Hi warriors.
I have been thinking about social networking submition buttons such as for example the facebook like button and tweet buttons. Do these social networking buttons provide a backlink to the social networking site? For example if I have a sumbit to stumble button at the end of a blog post will stumble gain a backlink from this?

The reason I am thinking about this is I want to rank my facebook fan page higher and am wondering if to include a link in my footer to pass some link juice to it.

Anyone know the answer?

Thanks everyone for reading.

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    Denis Kampl
    Anything that is in "a href" html code and point back to a page is a backlink. If you put a text in it you get keyword optimized backlink to that page.
    About a link juice is that is it's no follow than you don't get link juice as you get from do follow link, BUT is you want to look "natural" to big G spiders/crawlers than you have to sometimes also include no follow links.

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