To write reviews or not to write reviews?

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I have written a few reviews for affiliate products, in the past and had no success at converting those reviews into commissions. I have submitted them to article directories, and have had great success in driving traffic to those reviews. The reviews did not convert into sales. Is it worth the time to write reviews? Some affiliate policies may make writing reviews, benefit other affiliates if the reader has already clicked on another affiliate link prior to reading your review.

I would like to know if anyone has successfully written a review for an affiliate product and converted well for that review?
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    There are certain niches where my review sites just kill it.

    The trick with reviews is to be persuasive without coming off as trying too hard to sell. They need to be unbiased with subtle calls to action.

    Just like any form of copy, if it's not convincing the reader to sign up it isn't going to convert.

    The design, copy, domain, everything comes into play. The customer needs to trust you and your site.
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      Alot of it comes across as to how professional the site itself looks. Most review sites are cookie cutter in nature and LOOK like the purpose of the site is for sales.

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