What is Paypal PDT?

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Hey Guys,

I just got a new script that requires me
to turn on Paypal PDT ( Payment Date Transfer) in
order to work

I don't like messing with my Paypal account and no
other script has required this

Does anybody know what PDT is and can I use
the IPN instead (maybe i will have to modify the script?)

#internet marketing #paypal #pdt
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    Can a moderator please move this to
    Programming forum?

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    PDT is a little like IPN. Although I haven't tried PDT myself (only IPN), one of it's limitation as far as I know, is it requires customers to return to your website after completing payment in order to activate/receive whatever they bought from you. Unlike IPN which does this on the background regardless whether or not they click the "Go back to your website" button.

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