What is the ideal pixel size for facebook cover photo? (timeline)

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I tried doing a search on WF for pixel size facebook cover photo + got nothing.

I also tried resizing my chosen pic to 500 pixels wide, but it still OVERfills the space in the exact same way as when it was 850 pixels wide, only now it's at a lower resolution. Reducing the pixel size of the original doesn't seem to help. What am I dong wrong? My pic's aspect ratio is about those of a bumper sticker (500 x 130).

Please advise.

Also, is the "cover photo" the only one I really have to worry about, in terms of not having any sales or website references on it? All other photos, I can leave as is, yes? (most of them say -- on them -- "Like us on facebook" + have the main website address on them -- and say "SHARE this!!"

-- TW

PS: A webinar I saw recently kinda used scare tactics about how people are gonna be banned if their new timeline formatted page(s) have calls to action, etc. in the wrong places, etc.
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    850 width * 315 height.
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      Originally Posted by dsouravs View Post

      850 width * 315 height.

      Thanks! That worked!

      Can anyone answer the "banned" part of the question? Is the cover pic the ONLY pic I need to be sure is free of ads, links/url's or other things like "Like ME" or "Share it" type wording?
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    Yes the cover photo is the only photo that should not have a CTA or Discounts or any other commercial messages. Everything else is fine.
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    Yes its 815*315 pixel. You can use this size for creating your cover photo at photoshop.

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