How I Made US$3000 Through Advertising In My Blog

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Hi Warriors,

This forum has been a great forum and I really learnt alot from many Warriors who are always ready to help and share what they know. Thus, I hope to be able to contribute what I know about blogging and making a 4 figure income from my wedding blog.

I have received alot of PM in regards to how I monetise my wedding blog. So I decided to share some info on what I had done to bring in advertising dollar.

I hope what I have shared here is good enough to get you started in
  1. Creating your blog,
  2. Bringing in visitors,
  3. Retaining your readers,
  4. Attracting advertisers and
  5. Bringing in advertising dollars into your bank account.
Here you go...

Step 1: Creating Your Blog

You got to find a niche. There is no point in starting a general blog which caters to everybody.

The niche must be about what:
1. you love
2. you know

For example, if it is a wedding blog you are creating, you got to love weddings and know alot about wedding. There is no point to struggle to create a wedding blog if you know nothing about wedding.

In terms of slicing a niche, you got to be as specific as you can. There is no point to try to cater to brides, grooms, bridesmaids, groomsmen and so on. You got to check out what your competitors are doing such that you don't reinvent the wheel.

And of course, you got to create alot of quality content which meet the needs of your readers.

I realise there are many questions of asking on what is the best niche.

There are in fact many free websites which offer a directory of blogs. Visit these sites and spend some time going through them. You will slowly discover what niche you are going to blog about.

Step 2: Building In Visitors

The aim of getting traffic to your site is just like adding life to it. There is no point in coming up with a really nice looking blog that has no visitor.

You need visitors to go to your blog and get them to stick to your blog content.

There are certainly many ways of driving the right traffic to your blog.

Step 3: Retaining Your Readers

Why do readers read blog contents? Some of the reasons could be they are finding solutions to their problems or they are seeking information.

So give them what they want. Give them lots of information.

Let's say your blog is targeted at newly wed couples who want to know about family planning. Your content should center around helping newly wed couples on family planning.

Give your readers exactly what they want and I am sure they are going to come back for more.

There are also other important factors in creating lots of valuable content for your readers so that they will come back for more.

**Bonus Tip:

Build your list of loyal subscribers. Create a 30 pages ebook and offer it as a freebie for subscribers to opt in. This will help you build your list which is going to help you set the foundation when you have a product in the future.

List building is the key to long term success to your business.

Step 4: Attracting Advertisers

Ask yourself what do advertisers want. Why do they advertise in blogs?

They can be for exposure of their brands and at the same time, bring in more potential customers.

It is not easy to bring in advertisers but I am going to show you how to do it easily.

This is going to attract more advertisers who will fight for a space in your blog and they are going to pay you big bucks for it.

Find a related authority site which everybody knows about. Contact the webmasters and offer them free advertising space.

Yes, free!

Remember that the backend always bring you the most profit. So start by giving away free stuff to get in your first advertiser.

The advertiser is going to feel that since he has nothing to lose, he is definitely going to agree to it.

Then with the first advertiser on board, some other potential advertisers are going to come along to visit your blog and to realise a popular site is advertising in your blog.

There is social proof in this case.

(Do you know that one of the major factors for advertisers to advertise is social proof? They just do not want to lose out.)

What are the advertisers going to do?

They are going to contact you and ask you how much do you charge.

**Bonus Tip

So remember to leave a contact email in your blog for them to contact you.

Step 5: Bringing in advertising dollars into your bank account

Every contact is a potential 4 figures income for you.

So you need to build relationship with them.

Ask them what are their objectives in advertising in your blog and what are the type of advertising they are looking at.

Be flexible and offer them great value and discount.

And always remember to offer package.

Remember the advertisers are going to be your long-term customers.

So add great value to them and they will return for more.

Remember to help the advertisers earn more money and they are continue to do business with you for a very long time.

I have repeated this 5-steps startegy and it has brought in me a 4 figure income every month without fail.

1 advertiser will attract 2 to 3 more advertisers. As more advertisers advertise in your blog, they are going to create social proof and sooner or later, you are going to receive emails from potential advertisers who are fighting for slots in your blog.

Hope this info is helpful and have a great weekend!

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  • Profile picture of the author Mike Montgomery
    Some great tips. Simple and basic but obviously more than
    what most people are actively doing.

  • Profile picture of the author Frank Murphy
    Wow..thats a great post. But 1 the advertisers contact you, or do you have to look for them? Thanx..
    • Profile picture of the author CDawson
      Great post, just wanted to add that if there is no niche that you love or have prior knowledge to then why not just find a niche that you would be interested in.
    • Profile picture of the author jhongren
      Originally Posted by misako View Post

      Wow..thats a great post. But 1 the advertisers contact you, or do you have to look for them? Thanx..
      Hi Misako, There will be times you have to find them and they will find you. It is like JV partners. Initially you need to find them. As you get better, they will hear about you and find you.

      Originally Posted by Imran Naseem View Post

      So they are paying you 4 figures to advertise on your PR 0 blog?

      Or are you making money at the backend?
      Hi Imran,

      Yes, they are paying 4 figures for advertising. As for back-end, yes. There is always profit made there as well.

      I have PM you more details in regards to backend methods.
  • Profile picture of the author Eric Lorence
    That is some great insight, while I have a couple of sites, never been able to make blogs work for me.

    I'll have to give some of that a try!

    • Profile picture of the author ibringjoy
      Great ideas here about using 1 advertiser to bring more. I would've never guessed that people would pay me to advertise on a blog that did not already have good PR and lots of traffic! I never even went after advertisers for this reason. Figured I had to wait for the big traffic and PR.

  • Profile picture of the author logocheckout
    I got bored reading. I do not know why
    • Profile picture of the author Chipt
      Hey, John and all -

      If any of the WF readers here wish to venture into the world of having your own blog and would like a little help on setting up a blog without any pain or drama, awhile back I wrote a piece entitled "Exactly How To Have Your Own Blog Set Up and Hosted FREE in 3 Minutes or Less -- The How-To Guide You Can’t Go Wrong Using."

      If anyone would like a free copy, PM me and tell me, including a good email addy to send your free report to.

      One caveat: My daughters are coming to visit me today, so if it takes me awhile to get the report to you, please understand why in advance...

      Chip Tarver

      PS - John, thank you for the nice compliments on my FCS WSO. To answer your question, it took me about 4 months start to finish to compile, edit, and prepare it for release. Glad you like it...
  • Profile picture of the author ShayRockhold
    Thank you for the great post!!
    • Profile picture of the author TeamGlobal
      Hi John,

      I've always been interested in monetizing some of my blogs in this way.

      Thanks for sharing this info with us.

      All The Best,

    • Profile picture of the author J. Barry Mandel
      Good solid advice, Straight and to the point.

      Thanks for paying it forward.

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