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From time to time I read threads on here about Warriors who have been burned by bad, unreliable, service providers who either take the money and run, provide terrible services, or take forever to get the job done.

One of the ways to get around that is by using people who are recommended by other Warriors. I'm sure there are plenty of Warriors looking for services in the following areas:

Ghostwriting (ahem)
Article Writing
Outsourced work like submitting articles and social bookmarking articles and posts
Web design
Ebook covers
Wordpress Tweaking/Design
Minor web tweaking/programming (for instance, if I want to put an Aweber popup on my site...I need someone to do it for me. Sad, I know.)

Here's my recommendation - I personally have had great experiences every time I've bought ebook covers from Ryan Leisure, who is very reasonably priced, talented, and super fast. I seriously don't know how he gets his work done so quickly.

No, he's not paying me to say this! Although I do take bribes. I'm cheap, too. (Kidding!)

So, what Warriors have you guys worked with whose services you would recommend? I'd love to see a good list on here that I could cut and paste and save for later, and I'm sure other warriors would too.
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    Your sig links don't work.
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      Damn! Is this something to do with switching over to the new forum? Do we have to save them in a different format now?
      And thank you for telling me.
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    Putting your aweber code into a site is simple to do. If you use word press then you need Karl Warren's plugin.

    If stuck for your html you know my email address
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    I'm good for helping with script tweaks, and programming stuff. I can't promise super-quick turnarounds, but I'm definitely reliable.

    I've helped Dana, and others from the site.
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      Bishop81 is FANTASTIC. Two thumbs up. If I had more thumbs, I'd give more thumbs up.

      I semi-fixed my sig file but it's still weird because now there are a bunch of lines of blank text after it. God, I hate being technologically retarded.
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    Can I recommend myself.... hehehe.

    I have been doing IM and SEO for over 8
    years and am very good at what I do!

    Check my sig and the link for more info!

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      well the services that we offer are ;

      1) Website Submission to handpicked high PR web directories 200, 600 & 1000
      2) Article Writing
      3) Link Building.
      4) Search Engine Optimization.
      5) Website Development (PHP Only)
      4) Link Sales on High PR Niche websites (PR7, PR6, PR5, PR4)

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    Dear Dana W

    Thanks for sharing information.. Its a nice stuff know..
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    Well...since we all are throwing in shameless plugs...

    I'm really...really good at SEO, onpage and off page.
    Building Traffic Nodes. (similiar to siloing but a lot more intense)
    Installing scripts, even difficult ones.
    I do some graphics. Well...I do all of mine.

    Did VA management for some large corps like Verizon.

    I do a little programming but that part is a little obsolete now. Came out of DeVry in '80. But my first degree was in the medical field. Then I went through the Carpenters Union for carpentry because somebody said I couldn' I did. (just to let you know a little insight on my attitude...if you say I can't....I will:rolleyes
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      Kathryn Thomas (ibringjoy) for article writing. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'll rate her 12.

      It has been a joy to work with her and know her as a person.
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    Nice collection of expertise. This is the power of WF which provide you a complete list of info you want to know in very short time. Like I was reading a thread here, in which a survey related to web traffic etc was there and I got a lot of good tips from that survey too. But its bad luck that I never utilize those things, unfortunately...

    Its great to have a tool like this on the net for the Internet marketers.

    Ok come to the point,,,,, I do PHP/MYSQL work. If you ever need any help.
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      Ryan Lesure did my graphics also..

      If you want mini site graphics then this
      is the man to use..

      Top Warrior to work with..

      Check out my sig to see his work..!!

      Ps. I do keyword research also
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    Hi Dana,
    i see there are plenty of warriors self promoting their services. My company specializes in selling established profitable website businesses - we are internet business broker specialists. All warriors need exit strategies to cash out on their great online businesses they have created. Rather than taking it from me - check out our testimonials on our website and peruse the listings. We are very well connected in this sphere and have 13 years experience online as internet entrepreneurs ourselves.
    We also offer an affiliate program now for referrals.
    Be happy to discuss selling established profitable websites with annual profits over $20K with any warriors.
    David Fairley
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      I'll throw my hat in for

      1. The Rhodes Brothers -- excellent content to be sure

      2. Darren Kaye ( graphicsgenie ) -- super cool pro graphics designer

      3. Max of Free Action Script -- outstanding graphics with a membership site to collect 'em all to boot

      4. Edmund Loh -- terrific products he pumps out regularly

      5. John Delavera -- need I even say any more? I will anyway...John is the father of JVManager and Fantasos, along with a slew of other helpful software plus even more top notch products among other services he offers

      And of course there are others, I just can't think off the top of my head right now. I know this was to be a listing of Warrior services, but providing top shelf content, to me, is also a service.

      Plus, these are among some of the best Warriors you can definitely trust when it comes to slamming down your cash.

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    Lately I have been working with one fellow warrior called Jeremy Gatica.

    I am truely impressed by his work, he is a graphics design artist. What impresses me the most is his work ethics, I asked him for a simple layout for a website and he completely over delivered. Not only is he on it all the time, but he will work with you 1 on 1 through skype or msn.

    He gave me way more than I expected. Not only he desgined a unique blending layout for one of my sites, but he also designed ecovers, testimonial boxes, order boxes, squeeze pages, order buttons, headers... you name it, he did it for me with astonishing graphic design.

    I am certain this fella will very soon become the next "go to" guy for graphics design, so I am really glad I picked up his work for such ridicoulously low prices.

    Another one I would like to mention is samstephens, not only his scripts are top notch (DLGuard and HopGuard) but like many people know his customer service is amazing.

    There is also this guy dalester, he is not too active in the forum, he is more of a lurker, but he does impressive workbooks for your products.

    All three completely over deliver,

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      Well I am going to be one of those who pimp their own services. Some of you may or may not have seen me here before, but I recently decided to start my own ghostwriting service and flaunt my flair for words. You can read more about me on my site in my signature file. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding services. As to others I recommend Jenn Dize, and Sandi Valentine, as well as Courtney from sell your writing online. I look forward to potentially working with some of you.
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    Dr Mani will remain to be my Numero Uno.
    Very Impressed with Jason Fladien, Elisabeth Kuhn & Maria Gedulis.
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      Originally Posted by justfun54 View Post

      Dr Mani will remain to be my Numero Uno.
      Very Impressed with Jason Fladien, Elisabeth Kuhn & Maria Gedulis.
      Can you please tell me why you dug up a thread in which the last post was made back in August of 2008?
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      Originally Posted by justfun54 View Post

      Dr Mani will remain to be my Numero Uno.
      Very Impressed with Jason Fladien, Elisabeth Kuhn & Maria Gedulis.
      I have to say Dr Mani and Ja FLad get my vote too.

      Ja Flad loves to help out people for the hell of it too. One of his free videos makes me 3.5K a month and I do not have to do anything now its sits there on autopilot. He is just one very smart dude! :-)
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    A N G E L L A
    The Backlinking queen
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    I would be interested if someone could review my squeeze page and suggest some improvements.
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    Article marketing by Dean

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